Confessions of a Taobao passenger station station marketing full combat small sellers do not enter

and he wrote long, if you are a relatively impatient person, then this post is not suitable for you, and you may miss something, would have divided into two posts on the station, on the part of marketing, to understand station promotion, Amoy operation or want to make money through the Amoy friends, the lower half part is some suggestions for the seller, if you are a seller, Amoy promotion is not good enough, perhaps because you have not in-depth understanding of Taobao customers.

the past two years has been on and off doing their own sideline (Taobao, micro-blog, guest) from the community, the station, the line promotion group, basically play again, at the same time, my job is to help the company to take care of the Taobao business, from the beginning of the 08 year playing Taobao has changed the 3 companies, the market had played I have to admit that the mall is a bit high frequency hopping. The first job is to do about Taobao toys, mainly responsible for the artists and the odd jobs, more than a year after the departure, the boss who is very good, O is also the first experience of entrepreneurship, left because at that time the team morale, being not motivated, the company is still groping forward; second work friends do promotion work in Shenzhen for a month after being fired, because they all not good, still feeling ashamed; at present in Xintang which make jeans factory, is a variety of reasons, I in Taobao’s work has not been too much of a sense of accomplishment.

on the contrary, during which the contact Taobao customer, part-time guest is much higher than my current salary money. In addition to character is Mensao, I think it is a hard-working man, made a mistake in my second job, that was fired during the bulkhead is work to earn their own extra money, did not put his whole heart into work.

Taobao guest


began to nonsense I do Taobao off the experience and give a bit of advice for sellers, if you are a small seller, may not suitable for you now, if one intends to become Amoy webmaster, can be a little understanding, welcomed the exchange of.

actually I started doing guest have to thank a person, that is God carved the. In the beginning of 10, after the detonation of a war god carved finally resulting in the title post "of the team, the dream about what to defend… "And, like most people are about to join the drift of impulse, a person does not love for the theater, the only impression imperial cheating jam. So the initiation of Quxianjiuguo, AFU has done guest promotion to meet their own small wish, the beginning don’t fully understand the website, and I’m not a skilled webmaster, since the HTML code still did not understand, let alone write, to apply for a free site binding domain after the start of operation, after a good job due to the work site why haven’t take care of, a month later found the website to make the tens of dollars flow through Baidu, only the expenses (money to buy the domain name) began to recover easily, confidence and carefully take care of the site in second months, I used some we may have been.

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