Why Google as the development of Gigabit fiber nternet Co



Google as a Internet Co, why the development of Gigabit fiber


the Ministry of industry and information technology Telecommunications Research Institute of communication information Wen Liqun

November 2012, Google opened a number of years of brewing Gigabit access service – Google fiber in Kansas city. Compared with the existing services in the U.S. market, Google fiber multiplied by the speed of growth and very low tariffs will undoubtedly cause a huge impact on the operation of the United States operating companies, namely the use of Internet service model to subvert the traditional. What is the reason for Google to spend huge sums of money to build telecom infrastructure and how to make it profitable? Why can Internet companies continue to erode the core business positions of telecom network operators

what is Google’s optical fiber service?

Google fiber (Google Fibre) up and down nominal speed of 1000 megabits per second (ie 1Gbit/s). Google said that the fiber optic broadband network is just a commercial experiment platform to explore what services can be provided in Gigabit bandwidth. Google fiber optic services can launch four types of devices to users (see Table 1). In addition, Google fiber to provide users with three types of services (see Table 2).


Table 1 Google fiber optic service contains the device


Table 2 Google fiber service options

Google’s high-speed broadband service for users to experience an unprecedented. Opened the Google fiber users said that in the case of the connection through the cable (Ethernet connection), the actual speed of Google fiber stabilized at 600Mbit/s-700Mbit/s. In the case of the Wi-Fi network connection, you can reach 200Mbit/s. Even slower wireless connections are much faster than most American homes. At present, the broadband service other broadband service provider, whether or not the bandwidth charges mentioned in the same breath with Google fiber.

to Verizon and Comcast, for example, Verizon broadband service charges of $205 / month, the nominal rate of 300Mbit/s; Comcast and Verizon is roughly the same, were $205 / month and 305Mbit/s. Google fiber broadband tariff is only about 3 of these two operators, while providing bandwidth is nearly 1/3 times, so the advantage is very obvious. Google fiber preferential prices, high quality service and the rate of growth, will be a huge impact on the traditional telecom operators.

why do Google fiber


Google as the overlord of the search field

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