Ma Huateng firmly opposed to do things in the name of the user name

Ma Huateng



technology news September 11th morning news, 2012 Chinese Internet Conference held in Beijing, talking about the mobile Internet Security Tencent CEO Ma Huateng delivered a keynote speech at the meeting, he stressed that the Tencent is firmly opposed to under the guise of user name, the user is difficult to distinguish do some things.

Ma Huateng today’s speech around the mobile Internet, intelligent mobile phone field he thinks there are a lot of problems, such as the application of market research in the 300 paragraph 58% of Android’s privacy, he believes that the industry needs to establish new rules.

had Tencent with 360 in the name of the user hit a 3Q war. 360 recently with Baidu in the search field open 3B war.

although Ma Huateng did not name names, but he stressed that "I am firmly opposed to the user under the guise of the name of the user to identify the security of user information search."

said in this part of Ma Huateng raised the volume, "may say more exaggerated, I oppose militarism, if just happened Lugou Bridge started a small event, the future will become the Nanjing massacre."

Ma Huateng said that Tencent will set up a $1 billion security fund to encourage more innovative companies to jointly solve security programs.

then came to speak of Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi said, "the audience may be disappointed, I speak more attention recently. Usually spit more saliva, it may be time to spit, the leadership said that every time you spit, recently vowed not to spit."

so Zhou Hongyi and Ma Huateng did not respond directly to the question, but he said, "thank you Ma Huateng for me to do a lot of advertising, mobile internet security is indeed a very important thing, and we are continuing to do 360." (Cui Xi)

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