Domain name registered capital of 10 million yuan worth of valuation

a domain assessment at a price of about 10000000 yuan as registered capital, which is in the business license application without precedent. With the help of Changning trade and Industry Bureau, Shanghai luckypai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai has become the first to the domain name rights of enterprise.

luckypai when setting up the registered capital of only 30 thousand yuan. Companies want to increase the intangible assets, but limited to the existing provisions of the investment. The problem of the business consulting, business acceptance of cadres on the left of the mind, carefully recorded.

at the beginning of this year, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Changning branch were formulated on the 16 new policies to support enterprise innovation driven transformation and development "and" 20 opinions, put forward to expand business investment, expand financing channels. The first day of the introduction of the policy, industry and Commerce cadres made to the music film company informed. Shareholders that the company has a well-known website domain name, Changning trade and Industry Bureau immediately with the "idea" – according to the latest policy, domain name rights, the right to use the patent, are explicitly included in the scope of intellectual property investment.

, Changning trade and Industry Bureau actively consult the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, successive visits to the domain name registration services, and assign business mastery of the Registrar to help luckypai completed the valuation of the domain name rights, material preparation. After the submission of the material, the Changning branch of the industrial and Commercial Bureau opened the green channel, the same day it approved its application for capital increase, the registered capital increased to 16 million 660 thousand yuan, of which the right to invest $11 million 630 thousand domain name.

it is reported that the Changning branch of industrial and commercial enterprises to broaden the financing channels, and gradually introduced a set of equity pledge, equity investment, intellectual property investment, debt to equity, chattel mortgage is one of the "financial packages" have helped equity, intellectual property, debt to equity and other non monetary property investment amounted to 300 million yuan, for the enterprise equity pledge, chattel mortgage financing amounted to about 4000000000 yuan. In order to strengthen the effect of policies, Changning trade and Industry Bureau also led to build the government set up the stage, the bank and docking "dialogue platform, the establishment of information exchange, a number of interactive financing service system, promote the cooperation between banks and enterprises. At present, within the jurisdiction of 15 banks and more than 130 companies have joined the joint meeting of the bank.

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