Thunder KanKan is about to push the flow of GVOD Cooperative Station

with Thunder KanKan’s efforts to negotiate, GVOD and Thunder KanKan reached a final confirmation and flow push protocol, with the amount of current mechanism has been in tension test, will be officially launched open flow in recent days; and the cooperation with Thunder KanKan, GVOD and Thunder KanKan also hope that before to have misunderstood the webmaster to more clearly to add GVOD on demand will not flow loss to Thunder KanKan, but can get high quality traffic from Thunder KanKan; Thunder KanKan according to the statistical analysis of the data, every day the number of search resources through home a few million times, and we can give GVOD station with traffic will reach 10 million level, the amount and the mechanism the dog push flow mechanism is basically the same, see details below:



we welcome more television stations to join GVOD, with Thunder KanKan and search dog power, let your site really grow up, we also strive for more quality traffic, please pay close attention to GVOD.

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