King of the 88 domain name 881 com 8 days hot grab 370 thousand knots

It is reported that, following the December 1st hearing,

, in the digital domain name China boutique selling platform easy easy to shoot to 410500 yuan after the transaction, and recently with a double "8" digital domain in easily beat easy to sell the auction platform, after 8 days of hot rush, bid 193 times, finally in yesterday evening the price of 370500 yuan to take.



: domain map

in the 8 day of the auction time, domain name accept bids up to 193 times the number of Posts browsing auction number up to 2799 times, visible, domain name auction by M friends attention, micro-blog also has a domain name quiz, micro-blog users also have to reply to participate in the activities of the domain, a high degree of concern.


figure: Baidu search page

881 digital application rate is very high, for example, 881 years, 881, 881, the domain name or AAB type digital domain, with double "8", catchy and easy to remember, 881 is a homonym for "Barbara demon", Baidu search that can be seen in the 2009 domain built Barbara demon navigation the website, domain name, high commercial value.

is very popular in the digital domain, the digital domain name value is high, especially in the digital domain some good meaning, value is even more expensive, earlier in the Chinese renamed easy to shoot on the platform was also easy to sell the domain name auction auction, more than 5000 people browsing, and ultimately to 466 thousand RMB film, digital domain charm



is currently a lot of domestic digital domain industries, 4399 game network game network, 3366, Boya game, site navigation station and, the NetEase fortune 188 post, and so on to buy the domain name exam.

a lot of domestic digital applications, but there are also some good digital domain name is still frozen, at present in the Chinese platform channel show "platinum boutique digital domain in the hands of some growers, such as,,,,,,,, and domain.

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