Li Jiacheng’s application for arbitration to the dispute domain name

                station network August 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the two companies billionaire Li Jiacheng flag Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. and Cheung Kong Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. submitted a complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and mediation, arbitration back the disputed domain name "Yangtze River" the Yangtze River.Com.

it is reported that since 1970s, the complainant of extensive and continuing the "Yangtze River" and "Yangtze River group" as a trademark and business development, due to the long-term use of two marks, "the Yangtze River" and "Yangtze River group" has become a well-known trademark, unique.
  finally, the arbitration panel believes that the complainant’s behavior has constituted the abuse of "uniform domain name dispute resolution procedures", therefore, Li Jiacheng has two companies of reverse domain name hijacking.

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