Flowers electricity supplier the most beautiful flowers Tencent million investment Yang Mi endorseme


technology news February 11th noon news, the new electricity supplier brand "the most beautiful flowers flowers" announced the acquisition of Tencent nearly tens of millions of dollars of investment, and enable Yang Mi endorsement.

is reported that the Tencent is an exclusive investment, the most beautiful flowers, the amount of investment of nearly ten million u.s.. The most beautiful flowers, said the investment will be mainly used for brand promotion and product design and development, has signed Yang Mi as a brand spokesperson.

the most beautiful flowers in the low-end market positioning products, the basic price of 169 yuan to between $199. And in front of the line before the Valentine’s day official website, the company also hopes to take advantage of Valentine’s day to spend the peak of the first shot through cheap.

Some domestic flower market trend of polarization of

at present, flowers, or electricity supplier roseonly Fauvism follow up flowers bloom, magic realism florist, its products are priced in the thousand or so, is a high-end line. In the low-end market, but also filled with a large number of platform based enterprises, the model is sent to the distribution of orders around the florist production and distribution. Relatively low entry in the low-end market. (Wen Dao)

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