OTA pattern changes newly where does carry Cheng merge end civil war is consistent external

mad, the online travel industry led list Ctrip has with ALI and Baidu rumored, along with a variety of "industry insiders" news, Ctrip and where to merge the voice will finally fall in the calm, anyway, Ctrip and where is really to be together. "The merger is in fact Baidu promote the sound is also falling for a while, no discussion without arrogance, this is where to Ctrip, or it can be said to be showing Ali, Baidu’s position. Ctrip where merger is Baidu "push"? What is absolutely not only this, as the online travel industry leader Ctrip dealer does not have enough interest trend is not easily "bullies", who is "push", let alone Baidu is grandma is not a.


Where Ctrip has been to

: there are also cooperative competition quarrelsome lovers

as early as in 2013 where to go on the market in October, where to go on the road show that had worked with 1240 OTA, including Ctrip and the same way, eLong and other industries front companies.

business is not always a friend or lover, but there must be eternal interests. Where to network and Ctrip, a standing in the peak of the domestic tourism search platform, one of the highest in the travel agents; one is the online search mode, a business model. After the inevitable is 1+1> 2, in addition to Baidu in 2011 where the investment of $300 million 280 thousand, signed a series of commitments, priority obtained agreement: Baidu in the bosom priority display the search to go where all kinds of flights, hotels, train tickets and other information are displayed first where the search results. Baidu map is where to provide comprehensive technical support, Baidu uses where data show about the tourism price of Ctrip is the historical trend and so on, there is no harm.

Ctrip and where to go, although it is in the online travel industry, the difference between the two models to achieve mutual complementarity on the length of the board. Where is a search intermediary, have low ticket website information collection function, but its accuracy is low, which also provide a small site ticket is slightly cheaper, but often bundled insurance and inaccurate information, and Ctrip this kind of large guaranteed ticket sites are not cheap, to the two party after the merger there will be more satisfied with the service and other users.


shares Ali Bai Cheng, Ctrip go hand-in-hand, OTA internationalization has laid the foundation of

online travel is the most down to earth O2O application site, Baidu investments go; Tencent holding elong, investment in the same way; Ali online travel layout is plotting for a long time, Taobao launched a travel platform from May 2010 to May 2013, investment "open tourism resources on the road", July Amoy network shares into the poor travel network, to Bai Cheng shares this year. Internet industry is not willing to let go of this feast is positive.

now OTA pattern, Ctrip hand in hand to go after, will greatly

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