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Ganji and 58 city, classified information website with the two founded in 2005, after 7 years of popularity and platform competition, began a new round of "transformation of tug of war". In the face of advertising and value-added services revenue growth bottlenecks, the two companies are exploring more applicable to the business model of the long tail theory.

The result of

exploration is that 58 city decided to choose electricity supplier, namely the realization of the various categories of online trading function. Although the market betting ants short rent determined, but whether a commercial for the final attitude is still ambiguous.

the new business of both companies is essentially a C2C trading platform, from the Commission, the daily flow of tens of millions of realizable as much as possible. Does this mean that, in the transformation of the field classification information of the tug of war, the market and the 58 city will

the same thing?

Market: ants short rent

on the left

at the end of last year, the market level including Wang Liantao Yang Haoyong, vice president of CEO ganji.com, will continue to release a signal: ants short rent market is the next opportunity. Do a footnote for this signal, is known as the $20 million investment.

now the ants short term launched almost a year, the number of orders for nearly three months, the average growth rate of 25%, let it become the fastest growing business market". In addition to the market itself recharge business, ants short rent is currently the only ganji.com online trading business. The online payment market by tenant custody, after the deal 1629 will call the landlord, go to the market to collect 10% of the commission.

According to Yang Haoyong

, the number of ants short rental orders for nearly a year in over 100 thousand single, every single customer price at three hundred or four hundred yuan. On this basis, the ants short rent online after the income of about four million.

this revenue is still in the initial stage, the whole business is also in a loss state. Yang Haoyong said, at least in the past three years, Ganji also need to invest the ants short term.

obviously, the essence of the ant model is short of electricity supplier in the C2C. Yang Haoyong also known as a clear and clear profit model business. But in the face of the media a few questions about whether a business will go Station Road, Yang Haoyong’s answer is ambiguous. He said: electricity providers need to do step by step, we are more focused on the first start from the ants short rent." When someone asked again whether business is market direction, Yang Haoyong leaned back and replied: "to an area of a field slowly."

in Yang Haoyong seems to do electricity supplier is not easy, you need to do a thorough, in particular, to improve the experience of each link is very difficult. In July this year, the market has just announced to abandon the group purchase business, the push distance >

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