Rhyme express financing Fosun China Merchants Bank Ping An China liantou

source: interface Author: Gu Huiyan

February 28th, Yunda express announced joint cooperation in strategic and capital and Fosun Group, Chinese Ping An, China Merchants Bank, east rich sea, Yun Hui investment and other financial and investment institutions.

joint venture capital of the five largest rhyme, designed to promote and enhance the overall evolution of the courier express upgrade, while building a rhyme to express as the core of the strategic objectives of the ecological cooperation.

in early August 2015, Yunda express at the launch of the new standard are released for the first time the enterprise long-term development strategy, namely the construction of rhyme ecosystem, to rhyme as the platform, driven by science and technology, in order to build express as the core, covering the vehicle and cargo distribution, warehouse distribution, cloud facilities, logistics, cross-border extension services supply chain management, smart courier cabinet for the content of the construction of the rhyme ecosystem.

above China Ping An, China Merchants Bank and other large financial institutions to join, rhyme will be with the parties in the field of financial services to carry out more long-term strategic cooperation.

The partnership will provide

Yunda express information automation upgrade, to force the end of the service system, to further promote the global express network construction, establish a stable and flexible to meet customer demand as the core of the aging system and service system to provide protection. In the future, the parties will also cooperate in a number of areas of logistics and real estate, customer support, marketing, etc., but also jointly promote the strategic investment and innovation projects in the field of logistics incubator.

in recent years, the pace of development of rhyme courier significantly accelerated. As of now, rhyme courier service network has covered China, is a county-level city to the vast rural market further, and another in the world more than ten countries and regions to build a convenient and efficient delivery network, in addition, the rhyme is also investing heavily in transit hub in order to further improve the service ability, strengthen and support management of terminal network.

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