Daddy where to go and push the film version of the affiliate marketing done very successful

hot "Daddy where" the end of the first quarter, but at the same time, also looking forward to the movie to come out to see a small, simple Kimi, clever Tian Liang’s Fairy appearance female man heart Cindy, Guo Tao’s "little man", Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang a small stone adults like the Grinch Wang Shiling, Zhang Liang naughty little enthusiasm, stunned every day, then, is also the success of the people from the front of the TV into the cinema


"where daddy went" was a success. The launch of the film version is undoubtedly a successful affiliate marketing. The success of the associated marketing can maintain a high degree of concern and high yield. Below we share how to do related marketing:

related product selection: precision, data screening, looking for related products

enterprises in the network marketing, has not only need to pay attention to the number of baby sold, how much sales. Also need to analyze the customer to buy A products at the same time, but also to buy what products, which buy the most. This is the associated product. For example, customers in the store to buy mascara, that there are a lot of customers will buy makeup remover, eyebrow, eyeliner. If the makeup remover to buy the most, it is the strongest makeup remover Mascara related products.

launched a related product package can increase the volume of

mascara for example, alone buy mascara remover is 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 80 yuan is the eyebrow, eyeliner is 90 yuan.

then launched three packages, buy Mascara + makeup remover =240 yuan (save 60 yuan), buy Eyebrow Mascara + =144 (to save 36 yuan) to buy mascara, Eyeliner + =152 (save 38); by this combination, consumers buy the equivalent to twenty percent off discount to buy what you want buy product. To achieve the purpose of improving customer price.

related product placement is very important

The traditional

store will be arranged in the display products, in addition to clean and clear purpose and related marketing purpose in it. Similarly, in the network marketing, in addition to the product catalog, also should make related recommendations, shop the most popular product display area, people entering the shop will be less at home, so the store can be associated with the most popular activities here, let everyone know my shop is to engage in certain activities. Let them in. In addition, the shop can also promote the explosion. This area can also store the most popular collocation Association if the probability of two, which is the purchase of baby shop together is very large, we can put the two baby on the home page to do custom related collocation. In addition, if there is a new listing, it can also be displayed in the custom area, to show some new opportunities to improve the volume of new products.

looks like Daddy where to go after the second season, like the same, although the second quarter has not yet, we can see the movie version. No matter do traditional camp >

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