How to get through the hot word overnight 10 points Look at these three cores

today share is the train on the night of 10 hot words, many people feel that the train is very difficult, yes, the train is difficult, at least now train than train a few years ago to be difficult, but as long as the heart can still play.

train is just an accurate drainage tool, there are 3 core: 1 hits; 2.PPC; output ratio of 3.

click through rate is the threshold of the train, good at through the car hit rate, is good at 10 word segmentation; will play the 10 word, then the basic PPC is not high where to go. Of course, the most difficult is the transformation of the train, a good product, cheap PPC will have a good ROI.

below this screenshot is a real silk dress data this month, almost a week down the PPC.


today to share with you through the hot words on the night 10 minutes play. There are a lot of skills on the night 10 points, today to share a night on the inside of the most commonly used one of the 10 points.

10 points on the night of the core = control show, improve the click through rate. For example, a keyword is a day to show the amount of 10 thousand, then the day has a total of 24 hours, then every hour of the show is 10000/24 hours =417 show. Open 3 hours a day, is the 417*3=1251 show. 1% click rate =13 click, click rate of 3% =39 click.

understand the operation of the core, we began to talk about the steps:

first step: create a new plan

add 1 main push a single product (must be selected for the test out of a single product), the closure of the targeted promotion, off the station platform. Only open the station search and wireless terminal, wireless terminal ratio of 120%, as shown in Figure:


to close the station platform and directional extension of the main purpose is to control the show, on the 10 night principle is to control word show, in a limited display which increase the click rate, the high click rate to quickly improve the quality, because the quality of the click rate of =80% +20% transaction.

second step: set the promotion time for 20-22 point

as follows:


maybe a lot of people do not understand why open 3 hours, because the 20-22 point of the day is every category of visitors peak, we are in a day when the highest quality visitors to operate, the high rate of the visitors’ car peak will have a high click rate of


third step: prepare a high click rate car map, add AB two creative

be sure to test the high click rate of the car figure, otherwise in these 3 hours >

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