Liu Yu includes pharmaceutical industry network promotion details

drugs related to human health and life. Traditional pharmacies continue to discount promotions, online drug sales also carried out in full swing. Most of the online drug sales are some of the non prescription OTC drugs, but also a lot of health care products. Liu Yu in 08 years to do the promotion of drugs for six months, personally think, do network marketing of drugs, but also from the perspective of the patient, with the patient’s feelings and experience to show the products you advertised. Remember not to exaggerate its efficacy and function. In particular, the network should pay more attention, because the network is free speech media, everyone is the master. Every detail is not what you can control, the network is not like TV and radio, we can arrange the lines of the perfect. The network is more concerned with public opinion and equality.

can really improve the drug brand influence, to see the network of brand reputation. A brand’s good or bad directly affect the sales of the product. Now many consumers prefer to compare the business in the network, to find a good reputation for businesses to buy. A network rave drug absolutely than an ad made beautiful drugs sold to many. Because this is the most rational choice of modern consumers!

is the most important thing to do drug propaganda is the authenticity of your presentation, rather than exaggerating its efficacy. Now consumers are more rational, unlike in the past, as long as the ads invited celebrities, coupled with a good idea, it will be recognized by the people, but also bring considerable income. The times are different, the scientific and technological society, people know how to choose the most democratic and free media to pay attention to the events and products he cares about. Network media has been a step further step deeper into the hearts of the people.

drugs are different from fast-moving consumer goods, food, because the drug is therapeutic, health products, in the use of the process, people go to health because of it, to eliminate the pain. Of course, each person’s physical condition, the body will decide this drug in the absorption process and recovery, so there will be mentioned that the treatment effect. The effect of good and bad in the hearts of consumers directly implanted two pieces of information, false and true. With Liu Yu to everyone for example: my mother caught a cold to eat white and black cold medicine will not make eating, feeling is that health. My mother said, after all, we do not buy white and black cold medicine, not so, or I bought a fake. My dad appendicitis wound is not half month, my dad said, the doctor of medicine is not good, not looking for him to see the doctor. Some people can be a good week, how can I be so slow ah. All this appendicitis wound healing, the healing of cold and so on these things you can really show people white and black is fake? Not so? Doctor is not good? Of course, patients are complaining about others, go wrong, he would not consider themselves eat cold medicine is a cold and go out, whether the evening did not cover the quilt after surgery? Whether eat spicy spicy food, whether to eat the food of the wound healing, they will not consider, just know to complain, find the reasons for others.

so for these reason I

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