To promote your website through the web station

network promotion benefits one can improve the web exposure, after all now feeds many users, some professional users prefer to collect data from the network; on the other hand, from the perspective of SEO, fanchon can increase the reverse link, it will have positive effects on the page ranking.

There are two main types of

network promotion way, one is the network code is inserted into the website or blog code, to facilitate visitors collection; the other is to take the initiative to apply for each web station account, submit the relevant content, and effective for label design.

everything in the right way to work hard in order to harvest.

many webmaster friends asked me why I got up early everyday, tired of fire, also not to the


well, I want to ask you, what is it that you have done so long?.

now, I also don’t in those with portal or bovine B network station to submit content, occasionally put on one or two articles.

is now mainly focused on energy, and those who have just opened a new station near fanchon. For a content aggregation station, do not over submit, appropriate can.

basic this piece can bring me more than 1 thousand IP a day, note that this is stable.

this is a process, the following specific operations:

now basically every web station provides cooperation interface, and other content station, of course, does not necessarily have to cooperate with them to promote, see what you got.

first, expand their own content, you can according to their site positioning, enrich the content of their website. No more, what to take to promote, ha ha, this is not nonsense.

addition, the content of your web page production, must be simple, open the speed to be fast, advertising must be placed in a good friend.

should also pay attention to their web site server stability, because the network promotion, your web site, but there a long time isn’t open, your content will be deleted.

said above. After selecting 10-25, according to your own energy, make some good traffic network station, if you are professional, and you went to several similar website theme websites or content aggregation site. Simple list a few, so many, find their own.

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