A copy plus thousands of friends

noon, I made such a statement in the space: a lot of people ask WeChat how to add a lot of friends, I just learned a good way, do not need to download any software. One day to automatically add thousands of people no problem, contact me, teach you for free (the last 10 places).

yes, that’s the right thing to say, please look at more than three times, all the stories will be around it. As of writing this article, talk about more than 610 views, and is still growing. In the afternoon, there are dozens of friends in my private chat, what is a method of automatically added. Friends, perhaps no specific views on the amount of views. If you do business, from the media, or operate their own website, Wangzhuan, certainly understand, the first premise is the profit flow (or traffic, traffic can be).

I have done a rough data analysis, talk about the amount of more than 600 views, then pay attention to my total number of QQ friends at least more than three thousand. In the case of drainage is not very accurate, the figure to reach 6000, which is the probability of 1/10. Even if the list is full of my QQ precise fans, but also by time, talk about content and many other factors.

sent this to say, I was for the purpose of the test. And some careful friends, have been aware of the idea of automatic plus friends: the above that talk, to maximize the spread out.

If the

is slightly modified, to talk about the last sentence is: forwarding this talk to 10 groups, screenshots, contact me, teach you for free. Power will be greater!

looks like it’s so easy to add friends. Some people say that you are simply flicker. Most of the drainage techniques we have seen at this stage have the ingredients of flicker. For example, in imitation of a star QQ, then on this star website a lot of post, deliberately said no. QQ. Naturally, fanatical fans add this QQ.

from the beginning to the end, I did not rely on this talk about earnings. I’m sure that even people who pay are willing to pay. Reading the article, the readers are secretly glad to know a simple and crude way. Although there is no egg, the idea of drainage is the same, the difference lies in the details and implementation. Now, finally to the exciting moment, do not solve the mystery, you do not sleep tonight.

summary, the specific steps of a thousand days, as if I do business for example in micro.

1, plus 500 micro business exchange group, as far as possible to choose the number of large groups of more than 1000. One up, do not rush to send advertising, the first few days precipitation.

2, copy the content I said above.

3, continue to spread to other social software, leaving their contact information.

4, multiple account operations, play the role of trumpet, you know.

these four steps, you can also break down more detailed, the heart of people

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