Peng Yucheng the need for creative advertising network

if not in regular contact with the network advertising business, the vertical industry opportunities should not be too much, after all, as a personal webmaster, to achieve online advertising on this point, is not so easy. Peng Yucheng to share a more creative CPL with you today (Registration payment) online advertising case, wants to put advertising on the network of friends have some feelings, but as the network popularization personnel, even if not interested, too much understanding, or OUT! Today to CPL network advertising share is found Sina in the content page, with the following 3 pictures that the Internet advertising is how to attain the goals:


analysis: the picture itself is an animation, the villain who has been moving, when the mouse put on the cross will move with the mouse. The picture above is "shooting the thief to steal food, the click of a mouse button to shoot", most people see the news content, will accidentally put the focus on this picture, "steal food" is a word very popular recently, such as creative network advertising form, 10 people can look at the estimated 9 will go to click, because this game seems very interesting.


analysis: click in, or similar content, the average person is bound to continue to move the mouse to click on the villain, including me. But when you click on the person (in fact, click on any one place is), will immediately pop up a registration box, the user is registered to a step by step quilt. Simply look at this picture, the page is relatively simple, attractive place or this simple, fun shooting steal food thieves web games.


analysis: click on any place out after the registration box, believe to this step into the same 10 users have 9 to register, because you have been attracted, and registration information is very simple, only need to fill out the username and password, the other is not required to fill out any information. If there is a non registration, then this person must have a problem. But when you sign up, you will find that this web game is not a shooting car thieves, but very common web games.

from the above CPL online advertising, we can draw the following points:

1, this form of advertising creative doesn’t worry about the local investment, as the main site, they also know that this will bring a lot of the registration, and then can be more into, advertisers will achieve their purposes, is ultimately a win-win situation.

2, when your product is very common, may wish to look at the current more concerned about the matter, and then combined with their own situation to make a creative, unique products, all in order to promote, marketing.

3, if it is more interesting little things, even if the user feel fooled, will not scold you, but feel that they did not operate well. Then they will

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