What to sell and worry and easy to make money

in the sale of products or services in the post mentioned that the sale of products is more scalable, selling services to focus on high-end, and try to turn the service into a product. May need to consider the problems of today talk about the development of the product or service a few, the purpose is to find and save money and easy mode of e-commerce.

electronic media product cost is lower

to do a large part of the cost of buying and selling products in the manufacture of transportation inventory. If these costs can be reduced or eliminated, the entire site operating margins will be greatly improved. The products include books, software, pay membership sites, audio and video tutorials, cards, phone cards etc..

these products or services, once developed, copy and transport costs to zero. And the entire sales process can be fully automated, do not have to do anything.

study what people like to buy

before choosing a product or service, it is necessary to study the local people to buy things on the Internet what is the habit of buying what kind of products?

on the whole, we are all concerned about wealth, health, instrumentation, entertainment and other aspects. If your product can meet the needs of these people are most concerned about the sales will be difficult. This is why the Internet to teach money tips, weight loss beauty products are very large, and sales and profit margins are high.

of course, the most attractive is pornography and gambling.

it is possible to take someone else’s products to sell

do SEO friends are now very familiar, a profit model is more promising, is combined with the traditional industries, optimize their websites, selling traditional products, and the product is not necessarily own production. As long as you can find a reputable supplier of good quality, with them, you are only responsible for sales. After the order, the delivery details to the manufacturers, manufacturers direct delivery.

this way English called Dropshipping, do not know how to speak chinese. Many sites do use this approach, there is no inventory, no stock, do not deal with delivery. The key is to find a reliable provider and get a good price.

sustainable business

has a number of products or services that are disposable, such as digital cameras, televisions, etc.. Some products are sustainable, that is to say, customers should continue to consume, as long as the success of selling to customers once, then you may be spending a few years. For example, members of the toll site, printer supplies, virtual hosting services.

if possible, try to find this business model. The cost of developing a customer is much higher than maintaining an old customer. A customer can continue to buy from you, profitability and customer lifetime value will be greatly improved.

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