Do you have any idea why blogging is for you

I opened a blog in Alibaba, and insist on writing blog, has been 5 years. To be honest, it’s not easy to write a blog for 5 years. I was able to adhere to, not out of pure interest, but the interests of guidance. This guide is what interests? Is I deeply understand: to write a blog, can bring continuous income for me, so I had a good life, let me a lot of dreams and values can have the opportunity to realize the life.

in 2008 August, I am also a lengtouqing, don’t know what to write blog. Before that, I worked in Sina opened a blog, published several articles of prose has neither painful nor itching; in the Alibaba opened a blog, published a few rigid ads. That doesn’t make me feel the fun of blogging.

I remember I have read an article, said an old lady, her daughter at University in a city, you idle, on the opening of the more than and 20 blog, the agent of a product, the results through the blog received many orders, earned a lot of money. I was surprised to find that there was so much money to do, but I had read the article, and I didn’t think about what I wanted to do with my blog.

I was at the end of July 2008, one day idle, stroll around stroll to the Alibaba’s blog page, and then saw several articles to share experiences and skills of marketing blog article. I understand this person is still strong, a look at how to do blog marketing.

so, I immediately opened the official Alibaba blog, began to write articles. Because I know, as long as seriously, insist on writing down, there will be a customer initiative to come.

I remember very clearly, I is the first article in 2008 August 1st (the first to write the blog due to system problems, I give up, and then use this blog now, so now the first article of this blog updated in August 5, 2008), after a month of September 4th, I received the first from the list of SEO blog. Since then, the list has come in, until today.

in my blog blog 5 years of experience, not necessarily give you directly to bring order, but because the blog shows you work, all aspects of life, to show you the quality, ability, emotion, human nature, creating a true stereo you, it is easy to customers love and admiration for you, so as to trust you, prompting customers in many suppliers, more willing to tend to your order.

in short, blog, is a tool to improve the turnover rate. Increase the turnover rate, your income will naturally grow.

when you realize this, you should try to write blog. You don’t have to go after it

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