Look at the soft kiss from the marketing

marketing is very important in a company, but your marketing is not step by step for the ring, the buckle is not on, are likely to affect the results and progress of your entire marketing.

was the first to tell a story, there is a pair of lovers, the man is stiff, women born with romantic love. A day night breeze, two people sat on the stone chair in the park looked at the man chat, the woman said, "my dear I love you". "Really?" asked the woman. "Really!" then has flush floating on a woman’s face. The man said, "baby, I want to kiss you," the woman heart chug jump, did not speak, eyes closed. And so on for a long time, the man did not act, the woman opened his eyes, the man said, "I want to kiss you". The heart began to accelerate, and the woman closed her eyes again. And so on for a long time, the man still did not have any action, the woman opened her eyes, face some ugly. The man said, "I want to kiss you," the woman is no longer closed his eyes, but opened his eyes wide anger: "how do you do not move, roll it". Then, leaving man a person walks away.

see this story, we are man’s dumber and laughed. But in our life also often make such mistakes, especially when we write text, we just tell others such a product, but they do not know what to use products that interest them. Just like when we write soft Wen Shenzhen Fuhua hospital, if we just tell people have such a hospital, not the hospital information to tell others, then others how to become your customers. So when writing to Shenzhen Fuhua hospital in a timely manner to address www.fh16.cn such words were marked out, so that consumers accept the hospital, so that they can find the way to the hospital. If we don’t have a website address, then we’re like the man, we just said, "I want to kiss you". But waiting for the next step of information, it is nothing. Lost a chance in vain.

actually, the purpose of the soft is to express a sales information, is a kind of subtle to persuade others to buy your products as a means. Then please say a few more words to tell consumers where you can buy the product.

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