There is a poison called laws of all major brands of detoxification for you

near the end of the year, in addition to the heart spewing out of the holiday excitement, more in fear of fear of restlessness, fear of Pro disease "as the Spring Festival countdown more serious.


Spring Festival two: train tickets to snatch war and chain ask laws. Able to carry over one of them is a brave man, two can be carried over and can be called the warrior warrior.



your friend "laws" will be on the line











what is the biological "laws"

?According to

Baidu information, "laws" in the "seven", "eight" has no real meaning, said many and miscellaneous, generally refers to the general concept of relatives, relatives. Although it is generally in the posture of relatives, is to run from dawn to dusk to care for your family, don’t "good" home and worry about music, don’t home after the music, was 80, 90 and 00 as the "Spring Festival the first martial arts master".

features: language lethality. A few words will kill the groundless talk you have estimated the language completely routed, no less lethal 10 bomb, suddenly hit by ashes to ashes;

two features: high voice, loud. Regardless of the occasion, regardless of the time, high voice, loud, within a radius of thirty Li can hear his earnest concern for the junior.

features: seize the three buttons, one shot. House, tickets, car, children, object…… There is the death of you, because the laws to maintain relationships with your family in general, always for you are well aware of the situation, the enemy awareness, a die;

features four: unique expression skills. Progressive, repetition, contrast, turning, occasion…… Under a big warm scent left after you face Meng force.

in a poison called laws:


carry over once a year the train ticket snatch war, did not carry a serial killer in questioning the laws, there is a poison called

in laws!

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