How to play the content of their own value

put the shoes will have a feeling that when a channel is still the common content of dividend flow, drop down can also appear very nice ROI. When more channels appear, more and more advertisers, the same content conversion rate will be particularly severe decline. At this point you can reverse this situation requires the operator of the content, not just copy or edit it.

every day, brush circle, brush, brush news, everyone’s attention is all content scattered, it is difficult to have the feeling of association. Once the user’s impression of the lack of system related content, the conversion will be very difficult. Want to let users focus on the point of divergence of focus, and follow the corresponding guide trajectory to do further conversion, which also requires content operations.


first, what is the content of

content operation is different with the copy editor, the content of the operation is to focus on how to carry out the corresponding value of different users in the series of information transmission.

1 content operation is to train the user’s content system

in the flow gathering period, the copy editor only need to do a single content is enough. But now in addition to the dispersion of traffic is also fierce competition, the lack of relevant content conversion rate has been difficult to seize the advantages of attention.

build content system, is to build a system of user training.

On the one hand,

can make more than one content high frequency to occupy the user’s attention and time, produce the scale benefit of information; on the other hand, the content of the system can guide the user to set the goal.

2 content as a product to operate

Porter style content editor has crisis, the content in product ideas to operate is the trend. Content based platform for today’s headlines like, editing style do porters began to weaken, converted to provide personalized content to the user access scheme. With the idea of the product to the operation of the content, such as the content also need to upgrade, the content also need to pay attention to the user experience to match the channel, the content also needs to solve the user’s personalized needs……

two, the functional status of content operations

content operating position is so important, but in most companies, the content is set to operate the traditional post. For example, companies often set to post content operation editor, mainly responsible for the editing work, responsible for the lack of overall objectives, not to mention the operation idea, product ideas eventually use them, even if the content is very high quality, but the user does not buy.

there are a number of companies will be transferred to the content operation personnel functions, of course! As a professional operator, must have certain content operational capabilities, but many ordinary operators can easily fall into a dilemma, is the content of system operation ability, but the lack of content editing quality.


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