N method for rapidly growing websites

, a wall flow increase link technology.

is a hyperlink technology, linked to the site of the user to other stations do not need to re register, click on the link is a direct landing. Download and install the client software. Www.tryjohn.com directly to your site to do a link through the wall. This) technology to achieve a certain limitation: only do wall links in the inter site client software. Existing 300 stations in use.

two, increase the content of the site post exchange technology.

card exchange is when your website posts are not many, to join the governor alliance, get more posts from other websites and exchange; or you want to allow more users to reply to your post station, want to exchange your card to other stations, other stations can reply on your website, to help the the technology of small website is very great. Not only the content of the site is rich, but also increased the user in disguise, the technology is relatively easy to achieve, download the client’s client, select the column you want to exchange.

three, on the dynamic alliance based on post exchange technology.

is the leader do you stand to do bigger and stronger in one area, they can exchange the center station, their leader, if only want to own and several provisions of the station to do post exchange, can do a post on their own exchange alliance, alliance. This technology can achieve two site to point exchange.

to achieve the above functions must be installed in the www.rendu.net download client. Download page how to achieve the functions described above, customer service QQ: 724676550; QQ: 867937878.

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