On the cost control of tourism website

with the domestic tourism e-commerce sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, tourism industry competition is also rampant. Traditional travel agencies have to expand the business to the network, in order to prevent future industry reshuffle, will be large and small travel agencies out on behalf of.

style holiday travel agency is one of them. From the beginning of the establishment of the station in 2004, customs holiday tours through the groundless talk.

in addition to a large number of investments and equivalent return style holiday does not seem to get what. There’s nothing to brag about except PR=5! At the same time, the accumulation of resources is an important part.

first positioning your site is belong to the grassroots website, large information station or the travel agency website.

today focus on control of travel website in terms of cost.

is expected to tens of thousands of travel agencies in Sichuan Province, Chengdu registered more than 2000. One of these 2000 agencies within the Department and central door in door. Sichuan is a huge tourist market, this cake is also very nutritious on the network. We can feed a family with just one cream on the cake. So, countless people in the food or are going to add the cake (think of the scene a little disgusting ha ha).

I will my travel network with two years of experience to focus on how I control the cost.

travel agencies to build the most common site is to spend money on the Internet company to create a dynamic website, which is the first cost. But behind the cost compared to the cost of the construction site is a drop in the bucket. Behind the cost is a huge vampire – search engine ppc. I’m not talking about competition

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