Space business marketing more focus on brand promotion abroad

we are now on the space business basically is It is quite common for, everywhere, because now a space is too simple, only needs a little point in the domestic payment, a small platform on hand, they would be transformed into a space, while in a foreign country is what yet, most of the forms, are what are the benefits of


1, the domestic model (prepaid platform) – multi power – market share is the key

This is reseller

with English, is using the IDC platform each business as individuals, have their own domain name, marketing promotion, and IDC delivery time to earn the difference, this model is quite popular in china.

where is the advantage of


(1) to meet the vanity of individuals, with an independent platform, the feeling is different from others in the platform to buy things

(2) is the China IDC proud of survival, IDC more and more, at the threshold of outsiders is very low, in fact, as a standard IDC business, must have a lot of license approved by ISP and so on, more sinister space business to small businesses in the formal industry caused great pressure, the need for more publicity, more customer service in order to area occupy a small share to survive, Reseller model with the advance, the IDC have money to operate such expenditures.

(3) people are more powerful, Reseller mode to IDC to create more customers.

2, overseas mode (Promotion Commission) – the most important brand – High Commission does not matter

this model the United States, the United States started early in space services, low cost, the only missing is the customer


, a greater degree of promotion mode can find customers, domestic and overseas mode is different, pay more attention to self brand marketing, rarely used to send the mode of platform, to some extent, even if not sold a space, also get a lot of publicity, so as to enhance the self brand value, this China IDC rarely care, can also be said that there is no way to care, can only bite the bullet and continue as a platform model.

commission model benefits I also probably summarized under

(1) high commissions from around the world to attract people to join, this is why there are more and more people at home purchasing American host, or even a team of full-time do purchasing space, as can be imagined intermediate profits, basically a purchasing space can get $65 in commission, so the United States space they don’t have business customers will automatically find the door publicity.

(2) to do more people to promote their own fame on the same, even if not through the middle to promote the purchase of the product will be increased accordingly.


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