My uncle after 85 Tsinghua graduates handsome one was the winner in life

My uncle

, micro-blog certification is a well-known blogger constellation.

do constellation Tucao series of large V. As of today, fans 8 million 540 thousand.

WeChat subscription number less than a week online concern over one hundred thousand.

Compared with other constellation

, it has more than one order of magnitude of comments and forwarding.

My uncle

fellow by the book, the wealth of free advertising, surrounding.

It is said that the micro-blog

large advertising offer tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars, you know.

what does he look like?


88 years of hundred-percent small meat

. The face of a Korean male, the woman is doing the work of friends.

wore the Tsinghua elite halo play business also ease.

is a winner!

invited him to take cover; carrying several pairs of shoes to the scene and found what to wear double are awkward, finally barefoot in the cold studio.

he really loves barefoot.


from his self. Oh, yeah, he’s tall. He’s not wearing anything.

his assistant in the sun shine on micro-blog chicken……


he didn’t wear socks when I saw him a few times.

is said to love barefoot boy often experience the wild and intractable.

an ideal product into a large micro-blog V

he’s a virgo. By the work of the Arab League, many times.

is a Chaoshanese,

high school in order to test a good university, two years from outside the Chinese art on the Tsinghua Academy of fine arts. In fact, his parents expect him to be a civil servant.

in the four year of Tsinghua has been in business, said he has been very grass root.

do college entrance examination information station,

art class,

developed several social App.

"fellow" from his name App.

at that time, he died that entrepreneurship is doing App, has been doing product manager. Micro-blog is just a sideline play.

first micro-blog:


looks to review 92, when comments are few, then we are back on his powder, mining results,


he gave it to

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