Learning network promotion to sister Valley Network

referred to Gu sister, everyone’s mind is a cottage version of Google". A Chinese search because of rumors that Google and exit Chinese up and the website, with hot news, netizens attention, viral marketing, a short period of time for users familiar with. However, Google did not withdraw from China, but moved to Hongkong, the mainland can still use. Since then, there has been little attention to the valley sister, the report is also less, post micro-blog is also rare Valley sister words. Today I saw a video that is Goojje get, follow it, find the valley elder sister is still alive. Back then, Goojje who do not know, create a great sensation, who do not know. His promotion was so successful.

to learn network promotion

we have to sort out the development process, and achievements.

January 13th morning, Google senior vice president and chief counsel Drummond at Google official blog on the expression of the "re evaluation of China market", "Google Chinese may close the blog.

the evening of January 13th, small Hyun (Gu Jie founder) registered "googjje" domain name, and apply the ICP record to Guangdong fuse Bureau, contact team.

in the early morning of January 14th, set up the initial framework of Gu gu.

February 4th, 22 days in the valley sister network registered more than 55 thousand ID. Alexa ranked 14272nd in the world, the country is in the top 651st.

February 4th afternoon, Gu sister network suffered a hacker attack and can not visit. Constantly being attacked and constantly recovering.

also refused to about 1000000 yuan from Taobao ad, rejected the investment may be up to ten million yuan of venture capital.

Gu sister how network promotion?

: Google to capture the hot exit rumors Chinese four, grasp the media follow-up will be substantially reported, Google users will use a wide range of discussion, the Internet community will view a great discussion on Google out of the China. The judgment and choice, and the hot flow, to launch their own products. Gu sister and Google’s contact, so that the valley sister once launched, it was the majority of Internet users concerned. Right time to launch the product, it is easy to promote.

execution: can quickly register domain name, and the formation of the team overnight. The premise is to have a wide network of contacts, the need to continue to train themselves in peacetime, exercise their own. Now the QQ, YY chat tools a lot of people in use, have the opportunity to show themselves, others will not, more help; you will not, more consultation, more exchanges. This is to show themselves, but also in the development of contacts. The importance of execution, do you see


attract eyeball: Google and Gu sister, of course, is specially selected. The user looks, feel fun, personality, remember your keywords. And can think of Google. The next Google, Lenovo will also think of the valley

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