No Zuo no die N at the die startup method

Abstract: entrepreneurship, to return to the business logic, a company run no matter how fast, but stick to "false", will leave indelible stain, Bellerophon, to pa pa these false startups die.

always return to entrepreneurship, business logic, a company run no matter how fast, but stick to "false", will leave indelible stain, suicidal. Today, a little brother to grilled a steak these false startups die.

brush fraud, manufacturing high water

had a survey mentioned, many people use software vulnerabilities in O2O company, through a single brush to grab high subsidies, hungry, U.S., drops fast, Uber, Dada and other companies are involved.

Li Jingceng is a takeaway courier, found the platform vulnerabilities, the beginning of a full-time brush. He bought 20 mobile phones, while registering hungry and beauty group account, brush about $1400 a day, earn $42 thousand per month.

, according to a Uber driver said, Uber brush single profit is higher, the first batch of people who brush, earn seventy thousand or eighty thousand per week, someone around the brush has been in Beijing to buy a few suites." Install a "let me swim" software on the phone, the driver can not go out to the base fare and reward income.

profits even spawned a brush club. 5 people in Zhang’s squad, everyone has more than 20 mobile phone, the largest one month gross income to about 200 thousand per person can earn 40 thousand yuan.

in addition to these brush hands, in 2015 on suspicion of large-scale brush single, as well as agricultural products trading platform B2B acres.


, according to an acre of land was released data, the daily trading data update up to about 300000, single day transaction data exceeded $280 million. Even there are a large number such as "6 hours before the boss Liu purchased 999.999 tons of peach", "9 hours before the boss purchased 1073741.8235 tons of onions" this kind of strange data.

However, the reporter visited the

dealers, data analysts found that "a mu Tian" online commonly used rebates brush online trading of water, which gave birth to up to 9 billion 988 million yuan monthly turnover.

financing fraud, the injection of pig blowing heaven


venture company false and exaggerated the amount of financing, is an open secret in the industry. More than insiders pointed out that the proportion of lying or even as high as 80%, while the financing agreement security features, making false financing startups almost do not have to worry about exposed.

according to the media, the pencil comb, at least 14 companies, after IPO announced the prospectus, the amount of financing was found after the existence of false phenomenon, including thunder, Jingdong, Zhaopin star company.


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