Daily topics the way cattle Network and travel through the pinch line against

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 27th news, recently a number of travel agencies jointly issued a statement saying: from July 15, 2015 onwards will stop to supply tuniu.com.

April 23rd, 17 domestic travel agency CITS, CITS, CYTS, UTS tourism, as the representative issued a joint statement saying that due to differences in the way cattle and maintaining the normal market order, the benign development of the industry and reasonable pricing, stop starting to supply tuniu.com in July 15, 2015 and after the tour product.


subsequently issued a statement saying, UTour does not comply with the spirit of the contract, ignoring the customer experience, in the absence of any prior communication of the unilateral termination and tuniu cooperation, has a direct impact on the customer experience is about to travel, and called by the industry’s unremitting efforts, and constantly improve the quality of tourism products and services "contrary to experience serious. Tuniu adhere to any competition can not affect the customer experience, now offline UTour all products.

it is understood that the two sides fought mentioned in the document in the "reason" is not the focus. The cause of the pinch line, there is a part of the way cattle to increase production, namely online sales platform began to produce their own products, affecting the interests of supplier. At the same time, after years of travel agency in halting the traditional lines, began to overweight line layout, get rid of dependence on the way cattle.

for a long time, online travel price war formed a certain impact on the traditional travel agency, outsiders have speculated that the problem occurred based on the price of the traditional travel agencies of online travel, "said" will reduce the online travel price war intensified heat? Powerhouse consulting CEO Wei Changren analysis, for online travel, the current investors and the market for the most important consideration is the growth rate of the standard, in view of this, "the matter will not significantly reduce future online travel price war." Wei Changren said, the future of online travel may accelerate the layout of the product and do the acquisition."


, the National Tourism Bureau announced, according to the statement "17 travel off for the way cattle travel products, will set up a joint investigation team, the facts are reduced. National Tourism Administration stressed that competition is the soul of the market economy. And to promote the healthy development of tourism, to meet the needs of the masses, enterprises must be in accordance with market rules, competition in accordance with the law. National Tourism Administration will adhere to administration according to law, and resolutely safeguard the fair and orderly tourism market environment, crack down on various illegal business practices.

April 26th, the way cattle and 17 travel agencies said in a statement: we make up. The statement said: Based on the above consensus, CITS, CITS, CYTS, UTS tourism, tourism, tourism, tuniu Huayuan Phoenix, Kaiser, Zhuyuan tourist tourism 18 tourism enterprises to restore all normal cooperation. 18 companies strongly support the National Tourism Administration to maintain a fair and orderly market environment for tourism, the common practice of integration and development, and jointly contribute to the healthy development of China’s tourism industry to make greater contributions. >

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