Daily topic Nora Wang Xin was arrested so that Nora failed to transition

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 18th news, recently a Nora general manager Wang Xin fled overseas 110 days after an arrest of the news, Nora, Wang Xin once again become the focus of public opinion.

Wang Xin

according to Xinhua News Agency reported that in April of this year, according to reports, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Department of Nora online dissemination of pornographic information on a case investigation, the main suspect Wang Xin has fled. The public security departments of criminal compulsory measures of arrest suspect Wang Xin, the implementation of online pursuit, and through Interpol issued a red warrant, eventually intercepted by the countries concerned, the public security department and was escorted home.

May 15th, the national anti pornography office news, Shenzhen Nora dissemination of pornographic information technology companies have been punished for their alleged acts constitute a crime, the public security departments have been on file for investigation and detention several suspects. According to regulations, the revocation of its value-added telecommunications business license.


investigation, since 2010, Wang Xin developed a fast broadcast video playback software system, only to do the content, not as an excuse to play the so-called "edge ball", knowing that the system has a lot of Nora pornographic video, but letting it spread widely, even in the company all over the country in a server to store large amounts of pornographic video for users to browse and download. Light is the dissemination of pornographic information, Wang Xin is likely to face ten years in prison. In addition, in fact, now Wang Xin has been characterized as absconding was arrested, natural doubly guilty. An industry source pointed out that in the current China stress in times of heavy penalties under the condition of Wang Xin’s situation is not optimistic.

overwhelming Nora straw, in addition to the dissemination of pornographic information on the Internet, as well as infringement and piracy fined. The 260 million heavy ticket price is KO. But our profit model, is a pioneer in the industry is also probably not unprecedented. So you have to ask is, a Nora fall, whether the successor who will spring breeze and health?

Nora this move so many people lamented the industry. However, some analysts have pointed out that a lot of Internet Co have had a history of piracy, and ultimately successful white wash, Nora why has not been ashore, but in the money to become a lost lamb.

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