Production of mobile phone virus suspects were arrested

a host of the virus received a message and friends to remind the information (according to the Beijing Youth Daily)

read: the outbreak of the country’s super mobile phone virus: the host automatically send text messages

in new network on 3 August, according to the Ministry of Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "the Ministry of public security to play four black four pests" news, August 2nd 1 am, Shenzhen police received a report after another people infected with XX artifact mobile phone trojan virus alarm, immediately combined with Luohu branch set up a task force to carry out investigation, after receiving Shandong Weifang, Sichuan Chengdu net Police Department informed the case, after 17 hours of fighting overnight, in August 2nd 18 arrested producing and spreading the virus suspect lee. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

, according to media reports, yesterday morning, who lives in Beijing Haidian District peony garden in East Mr. Chen mobile phone message received one after another strange different friends send text messages, message content are also clearly stated the name of Chen, along with a link. Chen opened a little curious link to download a program called "XXshenqi" application software, then, in the case of Chen unknowingly, the software began to his mobile phone mail list of contacts sending the same message. When Mr. Chen depressed, his cell phone and received a letter sent to his friends, saying that just sent the message is a virus, so Mr. Chen do not click.

mobile phone users in many parts of the country yesterday morning received such a message: "XXX (machine name) look at this, ht://********XXshenqi.apk". As of yesterday afternoon, many provinces and cities of the country’s official micro-blog have begun to release a reminder to remind users to encounter such messages do not click to download. But the capital of internet police, Guangzhou Conghua public security "," Weifang police "," Xinhua News Agency China Wang Shi "and" China Mobile 10086 official micro-blog and micro-blog have also released a related note: This is a mobile phone virus, click will download malware to steal mobile phone mail list, and SMS sending viruses!

netizens said that the installation package originated in some low-end video sites to see artifact, but so far this argument has not been officially confirmed.

media reported that, according to frontline police said that this message is a typical virus sms. First of all, the link in the message using CDN as the beginning, with APK as the end, familiar with the mobile phone software professionals can see at a glance that this link is an unsafe download software. Network police explained that CDN is a content distribution network, it is generally said that a resource management center, a lot of resources are uploaded here, the user can download here. APK is the Android system installation package, equivalent to the windows file in exe, so the virus will only have an impact on Android phones.

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