Taobao bets on the watercress style SNS small and beautiful blood transfusion


news February 5th, Taobao launched a variety of SNS sites in 2012 enthusiastically, according billion state power network is a series of observations, the station has a strong community watercress style, trying to personal interest, shopping preferences as the foundation, build a user stickiness group, drainage for Taobao small sellers.


Taobao multiple SNS sites are trying watercress interest community

watercress community emerging

According to

billion state power network to understand, community multi station community Taobao launched in 2012 after its are significantly different. Community relations is the pre launch of Taobao Jianghu style, stubborn rabbit, wow, love shopping, Amoy girl interactive community is to guide community editors or opinion leaders as the leading, Taobao circle, U station, shopping spree squad, backyard station and launched in 2012 is more and more highlights the Douban interest group type UGC (user generated content) style.

from the community operation mode, Taobao circle, U station, shopping spree teams all have the same hobby shop buyers gathered into a group, and share their purchase of goods. For example, the March launch of Taobao group, created a number of interest groups in different categories of goods, such as "delicacy" under the category of a teahouse, housewives cook husband club, bream, nuts, seafood delicacy favorite Western-style food such as different types of interest groups, only group members can post in the circle.

is more similar to the backyard Douban "station", publishing information by opening stores station, buyers are concerned by the Taobao store, understand the latest developments or brand information, and to evaluate their products, in order to maintain the relationship between buyer and seller, improve user stickiness.

2012 – Taobao will try to promote the watercress community style pushed to the peak. "Not the same as the double 12" theme page to abandon the venue design before the big promotion, goods will be divided into 240 labels, such as "Lolita" and "two dimension" and "hardcore female youth" Mori girl "and" small fresh ". Label is the buyer’s own shopping style positioning, each label can attract a certain amount of user groups. Regardless of the language style, the grouping standard to the page design, is extremely similar with the watercress group.

interest into small and beautiful flow pipeline

Analysis of the

industry, Taobao is exploring the watercress SNS spare no effort, on the one hand is to avoid and beauty that Amoy outside shopping guide website more and more become buyers online shopping entrance; on the other hand, with the interest instead of interpersonal relationship as the center of the watercress community is also more suitable for Taobao, Taobao share in the "trophy". The acquaintance community does not meet the user’s online shopping psychology.

According to

billion state power network understanding, strengthen Taobao group SNS more important purpose is to "small"

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