WeChat in public to open the new advertising full support APP download class Marketing

[Abstract] WeChat advertising platform released three product features, full support for APP download marketing. Tencent science and technology news (Xiang Xin) April 2nd news, WeChat advertising platform recently released three product features, full support for APP download marketing. The main methods are:

1 graphic messages to increase the top App download card, traffic scene richer

graphic message at the top of the ad is grayscale test, has now been put on the App download cards and pictures of advertising, can directly reach the user, to achieve the effect of conversion, can promote brand image penetration.


top position grayscale test, support App download and image ads

2 put in the background to increase the orientation of the interests of the label, the directional tool more accurate


carries on the analysis to the users according to their basic properties, short-term and long-term interest and other dimensions, we refine 17 user interest label, specifically includes education, tourism, finance, real estate, cars, clothing, shoes and bags, Home Furnishing catering services, business services, delicacy of life, beauty, Internet / electronic products, sports sports, health care, maternal parenting, and the game is now open to the full amount of political science and law, advertisers choose to use.


put the background to increase user interest

3 advertisers can self upload channels to distinguish between packet statistics, closed-loop monitoring more precise

through the new online channel package features, advertisers can upload a number of channels in the background self-service package, the effect of the Android version of the App promotion to each ad, each material, and even each ad.

Advertisers are involved in the testing of

said, by distinguishing feature pack channels, the completion of the closed-loop tracking effect, and can get the optimization direction of advertising from the data, then more clear and effective marketing plan.

WeChat advertising platform to upgrade the three products on the line, is a strong support for App download marketing promotion. Advertisers have more high-quality, more accurate flow, can be more efficient to obtain high income promotion effect. And the transformation package function to help advertisers will advertising channels transparent, continuously optimize the conversion rate and the cost of downloading.

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