The dilemma and truth of car networking

see the report about the car networking, not by issuing such a feeling. This is certainly not a good evaluation. Because it means that every year, it’s over. From 08 years of domestic car networking mentioned that after 2010, automakers have released vehicle systems, can see the car networking forum with vigour and vitality salon and conference every year, and the new concept of a variety of preston.


from 3G to 4G, from small screen to the big screen, from speech recognition to artificial intelligence, from new energy to unmanned, almost every new technology for Chinese car networking arm injection. In fact, it is not so much new technology to promote the development of the car networking, it is better to say that the so-called car networking in the stick to the new technical term for each product Bo eye points. Really want to develop a complete set of vehicle system is very difficult, and its complexity is far more than the phone, the difficulty lies in the integration of resources, rather than a single technical breakthrough. Simple list of the core issues:

vehicle system must be matched with the car, and the production cycle of automotive electronics and life cycle and the electronics industry (especially the mobile phone industry) difference is too large. The vehicle system in the electronic procurement of spare parts, and completely unable to purchase quantity and the update speed of mobile phone standard. HUAWEI millet are tens of millions or even hundreds of billions of sales, as the new music to run out of the phone, sales can also reach 4 million at a time, this size is completely unthinkable in the automotive industry.

vehicle system hardware requirements and the phone is completely different, start-up time, high and low temperature endurance, seismic capacity, signal reception stability, etc.. Can you imagine the vehicle has been opened to half a kilometer, car screen still remain in the "start" in navigation positioning scene? Vehicle system and the car itself also need to fit into the Can bus, power supply and so on, must be a part of the whole car.

vehicle system requirements for software and mobile phones are also very different. The most obvious in the interactive mode, mobile phone users may feel they can glance at the screen, can readily reply to a WeChat, but in the driving process, the screen in the driver’s right, at most one hand operation. Half a second distraction may cause traffic accidents, so at most one time to allow the operation. And we in the WeChat back an expression requires three steps. From this perspective, the big screen may not be able to provide a more secure interface.

why Chinese car networking encounter difficulties in 2010, the car networking as a new concept, is considered China’s auto industry can bend overtaking, overtaking Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea weapon. But over the years, only played a little bit of popularity, in the car advertising more than a few frame car screen. In the user purchase link, the traditional brand, price, power, fuel consumption and other factors are still the focus of choice, but the car system is not used in the embellishment.

Why the


external factors, is the real opponent of the vehicle system – Mobile phone. As mentioned above, mobile >

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