Five characteristics of network marketing

      summarize the characteristics of network marketing, has been, is one of the people most concerned about the topic of network marketing, and it is also one of the businesses are most concerned about the topic, because only the good summary of network marketing, in order to better use of network information platform for marketing, only good summary of network marketing characteristics that can really allow enterprises to do the work of network marketing. Because of this, as the network marketing research site of the country’s leading Internet marketing world ( has been a professional team in the study of this problem, and tries to study this problem, summed up a new network media operation, to better serve the enterprises and the public.

    and I want to tell the five characteristics of network marketing and network marketing the world today, not the official website of the results, but I work in the network marketing the world over the past few years, listening to Wang Ceng teacher doing internal training, as a personal record, with some experience in the process of customer service I summary.

      1, the global spread of network information determines the global marketing effect of

      the global interconnection and openness of the network, determines the network information without geographical, time – limited global communication. It also determines the effectiveness of the global network marketing. Before the network economy era, any kind of marketing, is impossible to achieve, not management is the traditional print or TV, he can only spread in a certain range of products, marketing, the regional brand, to find the target customers in a specific range. Even CCTV, his spread can only stop in China, or the largest range, but also only the global chinese. The global transmission of the network determines the network marketing is to find the target customers from the global scope. And all this is very simple, only need to according to the national cultural differences between countries and the demand on the company’s website in several different countries, and to the language. If you can, and then to the and advertising, it is likely that you will be able to receive the day of their country’s cooperation intentions. Of course, you can also optimize the technology through the site to achieve all this, but the effect is not as good as advertising.

      2, integration of network resources

      network openness, extensive decision practitioners, which also determines the network marketing resources integration, he not only can integrate a variety of marketing tools and marketing methods of traditional marketing, shown in the network, but also to integrate resources spread across the network. For example: the successful operation of the advertising alliance, the exchange of links. Embodies the characteristics of the integration of network resources.


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