The big coffee variety show ASOS mail China user heart hunting

November 2013, the British online fashion and beauty retailer ASOS officially stationed in China, began a strategic localization journey. For mail marketing, 2000 in the UK ASOS already very much at home, then the problem, Chinese market and Great Britain play like


low-key gray luxury black is to look at drunk

According to

billion state power network to understand, ASOS and Chinese mail design district official website design, allowing users to have a kind of feeling. At the same time, ASOS mail in accordance with the style of the fashion magazine, plus the eye-catching CTA (Call-to-Action) button, read fashion magazines can click on the screen to buy.

(ASOS mail screenshot)

can bend straight with you like

according to ASOS mail design team webpower revealed that the current ASOS China mobile terminal traffic accounted for about 60%, more than two times in europe. So, ASOS messages according to user equipment in different environment (system platform, screen size, screen orientation) automatically adjusted to the optimum response, rendering.

(before adjustment)


123 small partners to play with

ASOS combined with social media, website, line and APP and so many different channels, to maximize the fun of "community" concept. For example, ASOS will have a follow-up message to remind discount information, the user will be able to guide the user to scan the code page to focus on WeChat, but also to encourage users to share valuable information to social media.

brush face brush is not only a sense of presence

ASOS a wide range of mail, including welcome class, transaction information, account related categories and holiday greetings, etc., to form a comprehensive set of careful and comprehensive system mail. These mail role should not be underestimated, for example, the mail system conversion rate is the highest and the shopping cart reminder email reminder to the mail, send them to effectively avoid the possible loss of original orders.

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