Free marketing can actually try

now businesses are racking my brains to think of how to get the maximum profit, such as commodity prices, improve the compression cost, but more is to empty the pockets of consumers, consumers are more Wujin pocket, and saw the free marketing not only love cheap human nature, but also has two effects the factors on consumers.

free access to products, for consumers, has great appeal. From the marketing point of view, the free mode is just a marketing strategy. Businesses by providing some free products or services to attract more customers, so as to pave the way for the next marketing.

we give an example:

supermarkets, shopping malls, often engage in activities such as free tasting, most of the customers are the gifts to leave immediately, seemingly lost business, but to engage in such promotional businesses every day can increase about 8% of sales, and these consumers continue to buy the possible benefits will be greater.

free marketing mode and the most successful profit model is first formed in the field of Internet, the network business with free Pratt & Whitney visitors also get a high income, for example, the Internet can be downloaded to the tens of thousands of software, many excellent software cumulative load may exceed the number of thousands of times, but pay the use of software users only account for all users of the 0.5% or less, but even so, providers can also rely on these 0.5 paying customers to obtain huge profits, while 100% of users are satisfied.

for businesses: the marketing of "free" mode which has the advantages to quickly win customers and build customer loyalty for the business, the next step to pave the way for marketing. But the disadvantage is that the products or services provided must be valuable to the customer, and the beginning of the "free" to pay, the need for businesses to do a good job at a loss.

For example: a

computer company in the launch of the MP3 is a by-product of tens of thousands of songs, free music downloads to promote MP3 (United States for protection of intellectual property rights is very strict, under normal circumstances, the need to pay to download music and film), the brand MP3 global sales results. In fact, they MP3 expensive price has long been the cost of providing free music can be ignored.


mobile phone as a byproduct, in order to make calls and service fee based products, this free stylish, powerful, consumers have long wanted to mobile phone, so that consumers can not resist the temptation of basic. Especially with China Telecom, China Unicom and other operators to take a similar approach, the market has given a positive response.

free is also an effective means of competition. Now we talk about the Internet free of charge, are taken for granted. However, five years ago, when I was advocating free, the vast majority of people in the eyes of questioning 3>

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