A5 investment and financing briefing DaDaABC Sheng branch network green home improvement etc wer


Investment: Yonghua investment

investment amount: hundreds of millions of dollars

recently, DaDaABC announced that has completed hundreds of millions of dollars B round of financing Yonghua investment, all funds have been credited. DaDaABC is the leading youth online English training school DaDaABC was founded in 2013, is the first to focus on the 5-16 year old young children to provide online foreign teachers in Europe and one of the 1 courses on the 1 platform.


2 to the medical

investors: IDG capital (health and Health Fund), pine capital, volcanic stone capital

investment amount: $10 million

to the medical technology (OrigiMed Inc) recently announced the completion of $10 million Angel round of financing by the IDG capital (harmony health fund), pine capital and volcanic stone capital of the joint venture of three institutions.


3 flower science and technology

: Jing Yuan investment capital, investment led SIG

investment amount: $8 million

news September 21st, B2B platform EasyFlower technology should take the flowers for $8 million B+ round of financing, a round of investment capital, Yuanjing SIG lead investor, another anonymous institutions with investment. CEO science and technology should be appropriate to spend the flower is currently valued at $130 million.


The secret number


investors: Sequoia Capital China fund and Gobi venture capital joint venture

investment amount: 10 million yuan

business operations solutions provider of cloud wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing science and Technology Co., measure the number of secret data to obtain 10 million yuan Angel round of financing, a joint venture of Sequoia Capital Fund and Gobi venture capital Chinese.


5 Sheng branch network

investors: national integrated circuit industry investment fund investment

investment amount: 310 million yuan

today, Sheng branch network (hereinafter referred to as Sheng branch) announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing, financing a total of 310 million yuan. This round of strategic investment by the national integrated circuit industry investment fund (CICF, hereinafter referred to as the "fund") lead investor, another investor is from Chinese Electronic Information Industry Group Co Ltd (CEC, hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Electronics") under the power of innovation fund.


6 mung bean home improvement

Investor: industrial capital strategy


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