The site open speed is slow causing the site included drop

last week, the amount included in the site continued to decline, has been looking for reasons, they did not find (not very bitter). Because the included decline is not large, so is not how much. Which included the amount of decline at the same time, a keyword has been ranked first, also dropped to third in fourth place. It had not been the key to bring the daily traffic directly reduced by 80%…… So they can only continue to study hard to force the reason.

3: the site after the opening time is slow, the spider will have conflicting consciousness on this website, it will slowly come less or even no longer to crawl. When a website is not when a spider crawling, the quantity is also included behoove things. read more


Through the love of Shanghai outside the chain chain effectiveness analysis tools

through this graph we can see a link to my website, and then click the corresponding domain name will appear in the detailed page:

click on the love Shanghai is linked to the next page, here is the love experience of Shanghai showed that there are two links, that the chain of my chain is effective in the two page, is love Shanghai recognized outside the chain, then we can click on the detail page in our website will see the address will appear in this with the bottom of the page link place. read more


Analysis of two aspects of why the chain weight high correlation value

we send the chain, the search engine is through the user’s behavior to judge the quality of the article, such as our site is about the wedding photography industry, in the automotive industry forum, so this article for a group of users who want to know the car is worthless, "

analysis of

two, from the perspective of user experience analysis

rankings of the first page of the site is the home to do "Shanghai dragon is the key what meaning, but through the analysis of these websites are not the most concise way for the user to solve the problem, and this article research center of Shanghai dragon by way of video, very good interpretation of the term of the Shanghai dragon the significance, so as to solve the needs of users. read more


Five you must learn on the search engine optimization in local points

3: accept negative evaluation. No one is perfect for enterprises. But don’t avoid when you received terrible reviews. On the contrary, direct and timely to respond to this evaluation, correct the problem, ensure that mistakes will not happen again.

4: upload pictures. This may sound very basic, but this will make your product or service is more professional and legal. You don’t have some very professional upload pictures. As long as the picture is decent, on behalf of your business this is enough. read more


Liu Jun the page title to write more carefully

page title is written on the page title tags in the text, the title is the core problem of page optimization. If you often have heard of global forum, the title of the party, the title of the party is to write a post title is very attractive, so attractive when you see the title of the can’t help point into the post, the post title is not what the oil content. A quality title is not what the actual content can be done to attract a large number of user clicks, thus the importance of the title. In the pages of Shanghai dragon, the significance is not only reflected in the title to attract users to click on, but also greatly reflect the problems included rate on the page. Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Liu Jun made an experiment in the same weight is not very high on the Sina blog, also published original articles in this blog, but the title is very short, it was a very popular vocabulary of Shanghai dragon, article published after the results have not been included in the Shanghai love. While the other had a slightly revised for the original article, but the title is very unique, the title search couldn’t get any results in love in Shanghai, after the article will soon be included in Shanghai love. The Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun repeated several times, so most of the results. read more


Optimization of website templates three how to improve the site PV

      many owners may be in for PV low trouble, make the site jump out rate is high, or advertising revenue will not be rewarded. There are many methods to improve the website PV, most of the webmaster habits from the content to attract users to click, so as to improve the website pv. We are now from the site to build a foundation, according to the website template, PV layout to consider how to improve website traffic. That is to start from the root of our website adjustment, so as to improve the value of the site.
read more


To learn to reflect in the review progress optimization method

The presence of

two, learn to reflect is to chase and beyond the competitors need to

failure is the mother of success, only the reflection and review it, because learning to reflect and review to find their own deficiencies, and only constant reflection and review will make their own progress. The same applies to the website optimization, some people think that the core site optimization methods include so few, firmly and earnestly to do on the line. Hold this view but we know that no ground for blame, face a variety of optimization methods emerge in an endless stream, the search engine does not stop change their algorithms, some effective method may no longer work. As the website construction and website optimization, the only thing we can do is to keep the peace of mind, and learn to reflect, to review progress in optimization method. read more


Two Shanghai Phoenix webmaster will use the tool

website that is now the main statistical tools, statistics tool is cnzz and love Shanghai statistics, I have used cnzz before, but I still feel love for Shanghai statistical tools webmaster data analysis to better use, here for statistical tools > only fall in love with the sea


our website more or less there will be some JS plug-ins, we all know that too much JS plug-in or high JS not only affects the site open speed and the search engine is quite friendly, so we CSS file is the same, we do not deal with the CSS file of the optimization, the site is a hazard we can, through the Google pagespeed read more


When a web site analysis of Shanghai Longfeng effect should start from the details of what

search engine algorithm, a website optimization of food in the world era has ended, many times can you do only one of the 9 problems will be quite different to the optimization results, in.

With the continuous upgrading of the

third, Shanghai dragon is not complacent but let yourself open some thoughts.

we know that a good beginning is half of success, the start is critical in the website optimization before whether we need to conduct a detailed analysis of the technology in the optimization of new or old station before an analysis, domain name age, website content growth, website chain distribution, analysis of the basic factors. Find out the weak links of the optimization process, with the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization plan, the different stages of the optimization to achieve the goal with writing in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, middle and later on according to this scheme to see if we reached before the execution of the request, to see the results of our implementation is received good effect, so the early implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work should have a clear plan or goal is to promote Shanghai The first premise of dragon effect. read more


The real case about how to restore the site was K

later, the website operation for more than four months, the site began to appear some abnormal phenomena, is included in site site every day there is little change, sometimes will reduce a few domain>

do have two years of time, it had also had a climax period of low tide, high tide will not say, because he is not the theme of today! Low tide, not only I encountered, most of the webmaster have encountered similar problems, it is pulled into the blacklist website is inexplicable the so-called love Shanghai K station, this means that before all of the rankings, weights have disappeared Not the least trace was found. this is the one thing that most worried for the webmaster, before the efforts were in vain. So some owners from the Shanghai dragon ranks, of course challenge webmaster to summarize the K station, as a warning for the future, which is the so-called stage a comeback, from the fall on where to climb up, say so much nonsense, today’s topic is how the site is k read more