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Some views and expectations on the first business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest

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since April Fool’s day, the opening of the first business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest spread in the circle, has been a lot of Shanghai dragon ER attention, through the opening contest this few days Xiao Jun also timely understand the relevant content of the tournament. From the situation, although the registration has started four days but a post from the popularity of the site is less than one hundred. Shanghai dragon from the previous game to see at the heat of the obvious than the previous, but the game was opened a few days and a few days as holiday, which is one of the reasons the game positive degree is not high. But the competition is less publicity, although in a few large Webmaster Platform have released game news but not promotion efforts, and many people don’t understand the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest and even some people know the game still don’t know the rules of the game and so on, I also read the rules of the game, there is really not understand place, but more of a look. read more