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2 QQ group, file upload. The first is made into a PDF document, the people in Shanghai dragon group can see a large number of PDF documents, some Shanghai dragon books, some of their own scratch, but above all to the watermark, surface is "XXX share". The second method is to upload a small software, there are links to your web site, of course, the premise is that you have this. Third ways to upload the txt file, specify "XXX download address, XXX address dry cargo sharing". read more


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chain batch bulk software are known as "disclosure" article said, is your site address submitted to a webmaster query website to generate query records, and records of pages indexed by search engines, so as to obtain the chain, get the weight. "An article" disclosure "collected most of these sites are less well-known sites", which I agree, but when it comes to your data will form a lot of love Shanghai or Google included the illusion, but it is not really the chain "has since received beg to differ, recorded, said what is false it seems to have never included false said, according to my verification, this included are exist for a long time, the search engine has not been recovered. In addition if included, and domain, the link command can query to these included, that said what is not true outside the chain of read more