Flickr manages to restore deleted Pro account gives user 25 years free

first_imgOn Tuesday we heard some surprising news: Flickr did not have the ability to restore the images on a paid-for Flickr Pro account it had accidentally deleted. User Mirco Wilhelm had in the region of 4,000 photos stored on the account, but when he went to login he found them all gone.Flickr’s initial response to this was to apologize and offer him four years of free Pro account access, but that didn’t restore the images. A day later, and it looks like the tech guys at Flickr have been working hard, and Wilhelm has got his images back.AdChoices广告A statement from Flickr explains:Yahoo! is pleased to share that the Flickr team has fully restored a member’s account that was mistakenly deleted yesterday. We regret the human error that led to the mistake and have worked hard to rectify the situation, including reloading the entire photo portfolio and providing the member with 25 years of free Flickr Pro membership. Flickr takes the trust of our members very seriously and we appreciate the patience shown by this member and our community. Flickr will also soon roll out functionality that will allow us to restore deleted accounts more easily in the future. Wilhelm is obviously happy, but is still awaiting access:My account has been restored through some magical recovery process, Flickr “doesn’t have”… Everything looks from from the outside, but I still can’t login. One of the messages from the staff told me they will send me instructions, once everything has been restored to prevent data mixups, so I guess I will have that by some time tomorrow [today]. And here’s the e-mail Flickr sent him regarding the successful restore:Hi Mirco,Just a quick update. Your account has been restored including photos, comments, groups, etc. External links pointing to these photos were restored yesterday. There are a couple last things we need to do in your account. When that’s all done we will send you an email with info on how to log back in.As noted before, we’ve added 25 years of Pro to your account and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Although a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Wilhelm, the 25 years free membership and restored photos may have made it all worth it.Read more at Binder Tumblr, via The New York ObserverMatthew’s OpinionAlthough this episode has ended on a good note, I have one big take away from it: Flickr has been online and operating since February 2004, that’s over 6 years, and in all that time they never thought to implement a backup and recovery process for user accounts.I find that astonishing, and a great oversight on the part of Yahoo! Did they not think that one day something like this may happen?As the response from Yahoo! notes, a restore feature is being rolled out to stop this ever happening again. But really this should have been there from day one.last_img read more