SpaceX highlight reel makes us want to believe

first_imgThere are plenty of ways to make a good YouTube video, but you can’t go wrong with cheering crowds, inspiring music, and giant rockets blasting into space. That’s the formula SapceX has taken with its mission highlight video from the recently completed Dragon capsule mission.On the off chance you don’t pay attention to awesome things, back in May the private orbital launch company SpaceX was able to send its Dragon capsule all the way to the International Space Station. This is of note because no private craft has ever achieved so much. Previously, only the US, Russia, Japan, and the European Space Agency had completed an orbital docking.The Dragon capsule was shot into space atop the Falcon 9 rocket, a craft much more akin to the NASA Saturn V than the shuttles. The Dragon capsule was tested for a few days in orbit before it was allowed to approach the station. It was then captured with a Canadian-made robotic arm and attached to the station.The video has stock footage of the launch, along with some cool shots of the Dragon capsule unfurling its solar panels in orbit. The astronauts on the station filmed the docking procedure, and their first time boarding the craft.Dragon was on a resupply mission, but this was also a test to make sure SpaceX would be able to fulfil its NASA contract to keep the supplies flowing to the ISS. It’s all in the video, set to some very positive tunes, so check it out.last_img read more