Trauma experienced by separated immigrant children will have future implications says expert

first_img Source: Jun 27 2018The damage has been done. More than 2,000 children remain separated from their parents or guardians in detention centers with no plan to be reunited, despite President Trump’s new executive order.Dr. Gabrielle Carlson, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at Stony Brook Medicine, says the trauma experienced by separated immigrant children will have future implications, not only in their lives but also in our society. The former policy of separating children has taken away their “secure base,” an established feeling of safety and comfort provided by a primary caregiver. This causes severe stress on young developing minds, further resulting in changes in the brain and a higher risk of developing serious psychiatric and physical problems in the future. Their mental health will impact the world at large as they struggle to cope and be productive members of society.If you burn down a building, pitching a tent in its place ultimately won’t help. It’s best not to burn down the building in the first place. Little comforts and therapy after the fact will do little to heal the trauma. These children, their families and our society will need to spend a long time rebuilding.last_img read more