Never Be Without A Toilet With This Quirky Japanese App

first_img If you find yourself having to go to the bathroom all the time like me, you’ve probably already memorized the locations of all the toilets near you, but for everyone else, a Japanese company has created an app that will direct you to the nearest empty toilet. It’s meant for use at work, introduced by the telecommunication company KDDI. If that’s not a ridiculously useful idea to keep employees from going to each other’s throats, then I don’t know what is.The app could potentially predict if toilets are being used if there are special sensors on bathroom stall doors to see if they’re open or closed and estimate whether or not stalls or open space toilets/urinals are available in the area.A spokesman for telecommunications company KDDI stated that the idea for the app came about because people “often waste time looking around for an available toilet” on various floors of a building where they work or end up waiting until one is available. That means they’re not working and walking around being idle. And that means money’s being wasted. Time is money. Idle hands are the devil’s plaything. Also, not having a toilet around when you need one on the job is rough.“We believe this service will help people waste less time,” the KDDI spokesperson explained.This app will also assist people in that it can tell administrators if a stall has been occupied more than 30 minutes to eliminate potential tragedies or accidents or to simply tell when someone’s decided to hit up the bathrooms for a snooze. KDDI will start using the service in office buildings, but if it works out will likely roll it out to malls, train stations, stadiums, and more.It might seem a little bizarre, however, to be monitoring toilets that are open and how long they’re occupied, which could lead to some admittedly strange workplace rules But it’s still a good way to make sure there’s at least some employee comfort when someone needs to make number two a number one priority while on the clock. How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…33 Killed in Suspected Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan Stay on targetlast_img read more