Netflix Tweets Creepy Teaser for Upcoming Thriller Series The OA

first_imgSo what is the actual show? Well, let’s take a look at the trailer and see if we can figure out what it’s about.Trust the unknown. @The_OA. Friday.— Netflix US (@netflix) December 12, 2016It doesn’t give us a whole lot of information, but is anyone getting a slight Stranger Things vibe from that? With lost children, secret experiments and a hint of the supernatural, this may be just the series to tide us over until the Duffer Brothers finish season two. Anyway, all we know for sure is that a missing girl turns up after seven years. When she disappeared, she was blind, but she is now able to see. It looks like the series will partially revolve around the strange things that happened to her while she was gone.The trailer is full of unsettling imagery and tells us little more than the show’s mysterious social media accounts. If their goal is to creep us out before we’ve even seen a single episode, they’re doing a pretty good job.The OA premieres this Friday on Netflix.— Netflix US (@netflix) December 12, 2016That’s not the only weird thing Netflix’s social media team has done to promote the show. The set up a SoundCloud account consisting of a text-to-speech program reading cryptic phrases. Some are creepy, like “Your children are not your children,” or “This is a dream, but you are wide awake.” Others are comical, sounding like something out of the podcast Welcome to Nightvale (e.g. “Spoiler: Everyone dies,” or “Reach for the stars. You won’t get them, but stretching is healthy.” The OA‘s official Twitter account has been using those Soundcloud files to reply to people tweeting about the show.They’ve also set up an Instagram account whose photos, when viewed together in a grid, form a massive collage. Here’s a small, but potentially revealing part of it. December can be a grim time for those wanting something scary from their TV series. American Horror Story is done for the year, and The Exorcist wraps up this week. After that, it’s all cheerful holiday specials until Syfy’s New Year’s Day Twilight Zone marathon. (They still do that, right?) If you’re looking to indulge your inner Grinch with a little horror this holiday season, it appears Netflix has us covered.The streaming service put out a teaser for their upcoming original thriller series, The OA. The promotion started with some cryptic tweets to set the tone.Have you seen death?— Netflix US (@netflix) December 12, 2016center_img Have you seen the light?— Netflix US (@netflix) December 12, 2016Netflix’s Twitter account followed up… whatever that was with two short, unsettling— Netflix US (@netflix) December 12, 2016last_img read more