Group C Egypt and Sweden tie – Czechs smash Iceland

← Previous Story IHF SUSPENSION: Nikola Prce goes home! Next Story → Germany close to win Group D – Argentina against Russia for eighth-final spot Egypt lost the chance to beat Sweden after 23:18 in front of 7.000 fans in Al Sadd Arena, while Czech Republic with outstanding Jicha who scored 11 goals, beat Iceland 36:25Sweden : Egypt 25:25 (10:10)Ekberg 10, Ostlund 6; Elahmar 9, Aly Mohamed 4Algeria : France 26:32 (12:19)Berkous 10; Guigou 7, Porte, Mahe in Fernandez 4Iceland : Czech Republic 24:36 (11:21)Petersson 4, Gudjonsson, Gudjonsson, Kristjánsson, Gunnarsson po 3; Jicha 11, Hrstka 6STANDINGS:France 7Sweden 7Egypt 5Iceland 3Czech Republic 2Algeria 0 read more