Halifax 2014s Down Under Delegation Under Budget

first_img to launch Canada’s international bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Halifax to introduce Halifax to as many Commonwealth Games Federation and Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) delegates as possible, and to learn as much as possible through the Melbourne 2006 Observers’ Program. Delegates at the 2006 Melbourne Games met with dozens of Commonwealth Games Association representatives, Commonwealth Games Federation officials, officials from numerous national and international sport organizations from throughout the Commonwealth, as well as team officials and athletes — all with the same purpose in mind: to introduce them to Halifax and to outline the positive aspects of Halifax’s bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. “Halifax 2014’s presence at the 2006 Commonwealth Games went a long way towards putting us on the map – before then, many people in the international sports community knew very little about Halifax,” said Mr. Logan. “Everyone knows where Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver are because those cities have hosted successful Commonwealth and Olympic games.” Halifax 2014 made formal presentations to both the Commonwealth Games Federation executive board and to the general assembly of the Commonwealth Games Association. The association delegates are the voting delegates from the 71 nations and territories that comprise the Commonwealth. Halifax delegates who participated in the Melbourne 2006 Observers’ Program attended sessions on a wide variety of topics, covering every aspect of planning and delivering international multi-sport games – from the technicalities of the sport facilities, to media services, transportation, ceremonies, broadcasting, educational programs, catering, and even waste management. The Halifax delegates gathered useful information that will help Halifax 2014 put forward the best bid possible in 2007. At the time of the trip, Halifax 2014 was in its formative stages. Without a complete international bid budget and comprehensive strategic plan, the bid team committed to treating this trip as a distinct event. Future investments by Halifax 2014 will be reported as part of its strategic plan and international bid budget. The Commonwealth Games are an international sport and cultural event held every four years in which athletes from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories compete. In December 2005, Halifax won the right to be Canada’s candidate city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In competition with Glasgow, Scotland, and Abuja, Nigeria, the Halifax 2014 bid committee is now focused on developing and winning the international bid, which will be awarded by the Commonwealth Games Federation on Nov. 9, 2007 in Sri Lanka. The Halifax 2014 Bid Committee’s trip to Melbourne, Australia during the 2006 Commonwealth Games (March 15 – 26) came in well under budget. “In March, we made a commitment to release the final figures around Halifax 2014’s delegation to the Melbourne Games, and I’m pleased these costs came in $47,372 under budget — at $454,228,” said CEO Scott Logan. “The Halifax 2014 team is committed to being fiscally responsible and we’ve demonstrated again that we are doing just that while meeting our objectives.” The budget for the Melbourne Games trip covered four major categories: travel and accommodations at $164,816; promotion, presentations, entertainment and hospitality at $242,161; office and equipment rentals and operations at $21,836; and the observers’ program at $25,415. This marks the second time Halifax 2014 has come in under budget. The domestic bid phase was budgeted at $750,000, but came in at $733,000. The three primary objectives during the Melbourne Games were:last_img read more