3rd annual Tims Tribute

Sharlene Bosma hosted over a hundred golfers at Copetown Woods today, for the 3rd annual “Tim’s Tribute”.The golf tournament is in her late-husband’s honour, and raises money for families dealing with similar tragedies.Sharlene says her late husband Tim, was a “beer golfer” and never took the sport too seriously. And she says that’s what this golf tournament is all about.“Tim liked to have a good time, and have fun. I really hope that for everyone here today, that they have a good time and have fun.”One hundred and sixteen golfers took part in the golf tournament and money raised on this day will go to help families like the Bosma’s who have had loved ones murdered.Sharlene says the trial of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich was really hard to get through.“I had to check out of life so I can check back in. I i was exceptionally happy that the trial was over. Time was needed to regroup, and refocus.”Millard and Smich are appealing their first degree murder convictions. A move sharlene isn’t worried about.“It was too be expected, not surprised. First degree murder convictions come with appeals.”In May of last year, Sharlene launched a $14 million civil lawsuit against her husband’s killers.Some of the golfers today marvelled at the the strength Sharlene Bosma has shown throughout this whole ordeal.“I can’t imagine what she’s been through, but from there to here she’s done an amazing job in coming back and showing faith in society and trying to put everything together.” said Henry Kelpin.“I read the article, saw it in the news with the guys that did this terrible deed. To see what she’s been doing and have this charity event like this is an amazing thing.” said Ken Rowan.Today was a day of golf, with a lot of laughter. Exactly how Sharlene says “Tim would have liked it.” read more