Tres Maestros An amalgam of representational art

first_imgOrganised by Allure Art, an exhibition titled ‘Tres Maestros’, which is an amalgam of representational art, at a time which has been dubbed as a slowing down period for exhibitions, is destined to become a landmark show of the Capital.Consisting of the works of a formidable triad of artists – Niren Sengupta, Nupur Kundu, and Niladri Pal – this exhibition at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre is guaranteed to appeal to every class of viewers from July 22 to 26, 2019. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainThe representational art from these palettes will have another plus point in their large size formats, which will allow viewers to enjoy the works of these senior artists. Once again, through this exhibition, viewers will be reminded of the vivid details of their strong points as they appear on a gallery wall, and is made known through a common medium of acrylic on canvas. This tripartite pictorial engagement will not be a rehash of old works by these artists, but will sport a collective of fresh canvases that dazzle with the brilliance of colour applications, triggering liberating moods and definable strokes. It is tactile and subliminal, pictorial and perspective-ridden, thoughtful and playful, bearing a strong narrative, knitting them into a holistic yet distinct arrangement. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardWhile the works of senior artist Niren Sengupta will bear a sensory quality suggestive of the solidity of form, through their squared chunkiness, the instant appeal of his works will come from his colour palette choices, as also the astute placements of his forms that suggest an entertaining theatricality. Ranging from sombre browns to eye-catching blues and greys and ochres, the vision is drawn towards the central plane, of spatial sparseness amidst the accents of colour blocks, orchestrating on the peripheral surrounds. Coming to the works of artist Niladri Pal, the viewer will not be burdened with the task of abstract interpretation, but only up to a point. His flowing images of the youthful female figure central to space has a strong realistic format The stark features of the faces is fleecily covered with dubs of pinks and blues, violets and crimson, ably contrasted against a plain backdrop which too, is dotted with whimsical baubles of colour daubs. The works of artist Nupur Kundu will make your eye travel into deep depths as also expand the vision to take in the panoramic view.last_img read more