first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article RACRACplc employs 11,500 people throughout the UK. Following the acquisition of RAC by Lex Service plc (now RAC plc) weoperated throughout the group a number of different HR and payroll databases.  We recognized the need very early tounderstand, evaluate and recommend the changes necessary to achieve anintegrated approach to our HR practices, as we identified that this could helpus reduce costs and improve efficiency. This included one common set of quantifiable HR measures.Intotal we identified 10 core HR measures with the aim to report on a quarterlybasis.  The 10 core measures were:–colleague satisfaction– absence– turnover– stability– new colleague retention– reasons for leaving– gender – full-time / part-time split– ethnic profile– length of service– age profileThenumber of legacy HR and payroll systems led to inefficient and ineffectiveness– measures were out of date by the time they were consolidated and thereforedid not engage line management or inspire confidence about their accuracy.In2000 we embarked on our journey to harmonise our HR databases and procured acommon HR and payroll database for the group, in an effort to benchmark acrossthe Company and identify  and implementbest practice.  At the end of 2002 allRAC plc colleagues were on one database, therefore ‘enabling’ one set of HRmeasures to be produced.  We named thisthe ‘People P&L’, recognizing it was important and valuable as thefinancial P&L.Wepiloted and refined the measures for circa 6 months, addressing concerns aboutthe format and accuracy.  We createdcommon definitions and processes for administration, so that we could makerelevant comparisons.Duringthe pilot period we benchmarked and quantified the cost of turnover, newcolleague retention and absence.  Weused the CIPD HR Trends and Prospects Survey as a nationwide comparator as wellas ASDA, who were at the time perceived to be the No 1 Company to Work For(2001 Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For).The‘People P&L’ was quickly integrated into the business units as it waseasily linked to the business strategy and the line management could see firsthand the ‘bottom line’ impact.Thevision of the RAC plc is to make a ‘good’ company into a ‘great’ companythrough delivering inspirational service. Progress and success is measured through colleague satisfaction, growthin revenue and growth in shareholder profit. The board sets the performance targets for each of these annually usinga traffic light system.  Out targets forcolleague satisfaction is to achieve 75% satisfaction.Althoughwe started off with 10 core HR measures as indicated earlier, we prioritisedthe first 4 of these and added another, internal appointments, for ourmonthly  ‘People P&L’.  The targets and results relative to targetare monitored on a monthly basis by business unit. Related posts:No related photos. QuentinOn 30 Oct 2003 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

US Navy Accepts Delivery of USNS Yuma

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today US Navy Accepts Delivery of USNS Yuma The U.S. Navy accepted delivery of its eighth Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) vessel, USNS Yuma (EPF 8), April 21. EPFs are shallow draft, all aluminum, commercial-based catamarans capable of intra-theater personnel and cargo transport, that provide combatant commanders high-speed sealift mobility. EPFs enable rapid projection and agile maneuver and transport of personnel, equipment and supplies over operational distances and offer access to harsh and degraded offload points. “EPFs have performed exceptionally in the fleet, and we continue to deliver highly capable ships that can successfully meet a wide range of missions,” said Capt. Henry Stevens, Strategic and Theater Sealift program manager, Program Executive Office (PEO) Ships. “The delivery of Yuma will provide continued warfighting capabilities to our fleet as these ships continue to conduct operations around the globe.” As versatile, non-combatant vessels, EPFs provide increased operational flexibility for a wide range of activities including maneuver and sustainment, relief operations, and flexible logistics support. These vessels can interface with roll-on/roll-off discharge facilities and are capable of on/off-loading a combat-loaded Abrams Main Battle Tank. The EPFs include a flight deck to support day and night aircraft launch and recovery operations and airline-style seating for 312 embarked forces with fixed berthing for 104. USNS Yuma will be owned and operated by the Military Sealift Command.USNS Yuma was constructed by Austal USA which is currently under contract for the construction of four additional EPFs. A christening ceremony is scheduled for City of Bismarck (EPF 9) next month with a keel laying ceremony planned for Burlington (EPF 10) early this summer. EPFs 11 and 12 were awarded in September 2016 and are currently in the early stages of production. As one of the Defense Department’s largest acquisition organizations, PEO Ships is responsible for executing the development and procurement of all destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, and special warfare craft. View post tag: US Navy April 24, 2017 View post tag: USNS Yumacenter_img US Navy Accepts Delivery of USNS Yuma Industry news Share this articlelast_img read more

Oxford ramps up protest against no-deal Brexit

first_imgAmidst national uproar, protestors who oppose Boris Johnson’s shutdown of parliament gathered in Bonn Square, Oxford, before marching to the Town Hall last night. Photo by Jonathan Black “We’ve come here spontaneously, from manydifferent backgrounds and we span three generations. We are here to tell ourOxfordshire MPs that they must resist this abuse of powers (sic) by whatevermeans necessary.” Dr Graham Jones, who chairs the Oxfordregion of European Movement, the independent pro-Europe activist group, saidthe following; Witnesses report the crowd holding pro-EUbanners, including the slogan ‘Stop the Coup’, as well at Union and EU Flags. “this is the greatest issue facing our countrysince the Second World War and our elected representatives have the right andthe duty to debate it”. This protest comes only days after Oxford MP Anneliese Dodds signed the cross-party Church House agreement to block a no-deal Brexit. Ms Dodds said, “I’ve signed it because of depth of feeling of my constituents against a no-deal Brexit, especially in relation to the impact on BMW in Cowley, scientific research and our EU citizens in Oxford”. She was one amongst around 160 MPs who are understood to have signed the agreement at the time. last_img read more

JUST IN: Democrat Jennifer Yaser to File for 5th Ward Council Seat

first_imgI’m running for City Council in the 5th ward to make a meaningful difference and to make “E” work for EVERYONE in Evansville. I have a background in managed care/healthcare and education, and this is my story. I am excited to get started on this City Council campaign and get out into the community and into the 5th ward so I can meet you and hear your stories, struggles, and triumphs as well.FOOTNOTE: This political announcement was posted by the City-County Observer without editing. I’ve been a Democrat my entire life. Growing up in a blue-collar family taught me a lot about politics, policy, and money. My dad retired from Local 136 here in Evansville as a pipefitter ten years ago, and many of my childhood memories are of him coming home from work or a union meeting, taking his soft cap off, and placing his lunch pail on our kitchen countertop. Back in the ’80s, when we faced 17% mortgage interest rates and the unions were basically brought to their knees, the term “Reaganomics” was used frequently within our household. When I was in the second grade, my mom went to work for Atlas Van Lines here in town to help make ends meet. Every Friday evening, after my dad had gone to the bank, he would always peel crisp dollar bills off of his money roll and give me and my older brother $2 each for making our beds and keeping our rooms clean. I would promptly run back to my room and place those green gems into an old McDonald’s Happy Meal box that held my mini sticker book, my Cabbage Patch Doll figurines, and all my six-year-old self’s most prized possessions.Little did I know as a little girl that my young frugal mindset and resourcefulness would help me persevere throughout my entire life. I had my first daughter at the age of 17 and am forever grateful to the special teacher at North High School who helped me enroll her in ‘Little Husky World’ so I could finish my high school diploma. I married my high school sweetheart in between my junior and senior years at North High School, and we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this summer. Jason Yaser is the perfect complement to me, and I would not be who I am today without his love and his silent leadership. We truly finished raising one another from an early age. We had to stand in lines to apply for food stamps, WIC vouchers, and Medicaid for Jessica. We left Evansville in 1996 when Jason went active duty in the U.S. Army. We would return later to Evansville to continue raising our family.Joely was born in 2001, and she completed our family. I’ve always tried my best to set a good example to my girls and inspire them both to reach for their dreams and explore their full potential. In 2016, my oldest daughter, Jessica, became the first person in our family to earn a Bachelor’s degree.I truly believe our family’s story is not all that unique from many others out there. We’ve all endured job layoffs, sacrifice, depression, anxieties, good times, hard times, joy, and sorrow. We all get up every morning with the best of intentions and with a desire to make a meaningful difference for our loved ones. We all try to make the best use of the resources we have available to us.My youngest daughter, Joely, and I are very proud to recently have helped Youth First obtain a $35,000 grant from The Women’s Foundation to get more social workers into our local schools. I am an advocate for better mental health resources in our community, and I will work tirelessly on these efforts. We not only have a healthcare crisis in our nation, nor just an opioid epidemic in our state, nor just an overcrowding problem in our city jails…we have a mental health crisis, and it’s time we roll our sleeves up and get involved at the policy-making level. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharecenter_img Jennifer Yaser, a Democrat, and resident of Evansville’s 5th Ward will file tomorrow as a candidate for Evansville City Council.Yaser, who will run for the Council’s 5th Ward seat, will file at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, February 1.Jennifer said; “I’m running for City Council in the 5th Ward to make a meaningful difference and to make ‘E’ work for EVERYONE in Evansville,” Yaser said. “I have a background in managed care/healthcare and education … I am an advocate for better mental health care resources in our community, and I will work tirelessly on those efforts. We not only had a health crisis in our nation, nor just an opioid epidemic in our state, nor just an overcrowding problem in our county jail. We have a mental health crisis, and it’s time we roll our sleeves up and get involved a the policy-making level.“I am excited to get started on this City Council campaign and get out into the community and into the 5th Ward so I can meet you and hear your stories, struggles, and triumphs, as well.”last_img read more

Strathmere Volunteer Fire Dept. Invites All to BBQ Fundraiser

first_imgThe Strathmere Volunteer Fire Department will hold its annual BBQ Fundraiser on Thursday evening at the Deauville Inn’s Beach Bar.Details are as follows:Where: Deauville Inn Beach Bar, 201 Willard Road, Strathmere, NJWhen: 6 p.m. Thursday,  August 27What: Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, pasta salad; Live music; 50/50Tickets: $25 per person (includes 1 beer, wine or soda); $12 Kids under 12 yrs oldContact: Ed Scanlon  609-780-7073last_img

O.C. Board of Education Reorganizes, Lays Out Goal of In-Person Instruction

first_imgBy MADDY VITALEDuring the Ocean City Board of Education reorganization meeting Wednesday night, school officials were sworn in and the board member in charge of the COVID-19 committee laid out potential plans for returning the students to school full time.Board members Joseph Clark, Cecelia Gallelli-Keyes and Michael James were sworn in to their three-year terms.Clark was voted back in as board president. Board member Dr. Patrick Kane, an orthopedic surgeon who is in charge of the COVID-19 committee, was selected vice president in a 6-4 vote, replacing board member Jacqueline McAlister to the post.Dr. Kane gave a presentation with updates from the COVID-19 committee, which met Tuesday.Clark, who sat in on the committee meeting along with Schools Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Taylor, called it a very productive meeting.“There are a lot of obstacles we have to get through and it is amazing when you see the team he put together,” Clark said of the COVID-19 committee. “I don’t think anyone else statewide has a team quite like this. Hopefully, they will keep guiding us.”Dr. Kane explained the best and worst case scenarios for the school district amid the pandemic.The district schools have remained open since September, offering hybrid learning with both in-person and virtual instruction.Dr. Kane noted that the best case scenario would be to return the Primary School to five days of in-person instruction by Feb. 1.“We do have the goal of returning the Primary School to February 1 of five days of instruction,” Dr. Kane explained.However, he emphasized, there are challenges in both space for social distancing, and the need for more Plexiglass and other safety equipment to make sure all safety and health guidelines are met.“We are also working through logistic challenges of bussing and transportation,” Dr. Kane added. “We are pretty hopeful that we will be able to return to school.”The Intermediate School would be the next to see in-person instruction full time in the best case scenario, school officials say.If the Primary School is able to reopen, then the district would work on ways to make it possible for the Intermediate School and high school to reopen.Dr. Kane emphasized that there would need to be more space for the students at the Intermediate School and that the district is in discussions with the city about potential ways for more space to hold classes.He said that in the worst case scenario, if COVID-19 cases spike, and the district would have to go all-remote, connectivity through Comcast would be able to handle live streaming.“Comcast assured us that if Cape May County goes into high risk and we go to full remote, we will have the ability to have livestreaming and internet will not be a problem. We are continuing to work on this,” Dr. Kane said.The hope, he said, was that livestreaming would be available in all of the schools.Just this week, the high school began livestreaming some of its classes.With regarding to the COVID-19 vaccine, emergency responders in Cape May County are receiving them. The next phase would be for teachers and staff in the county to be among those who are the next priority.“We are in contact with the county health department and the local health department,” Dr. Kane said.He added that the school district website will begin posting more frequent updates of COVID-19 cases in the schools. Currently, the figures are supplied weekly on the district website.“We want to make sure everyone is well-informed,” he added.At the end of the meeting, Gallelli-Keyes commended McAlister for serving as board vice-president.“Thank you Jackie for your insight and everything you have done for our board for the last few years,” she said. “Thank you, Dr. Kane, for coming in with your insight.”McAlister thanked Gallelli-Keyes and added, “I’m sure Dr. Kane will do a great job and I will be happy to help.”Clark said in his closing remarks, “Thank you to individuals who ran for office again. It is important to keep the team together. The district is moving the best way we can. We are working hard to get back up to what everyone considers normal.”For more information, visit the Ocean City School District website at oceancityschools.org.The high school already has technology installed for livestreaming of some of the core curriculum. The Primary School will be the first in the district to offer five days of in-person instruction since the pandemic.last_img read more

Malaria resurgence concerns researchers

first_imgA resurgence of malaria in parts of Africa is raising questions about whether current control mechanisms are failing. It could be, some researchers say, that mosquitoes are becoming resistant to the insecticide used on bed nets. Or that people are losing their partial immunity to malaria, gained from repeated exposure to the parasite that causes it.HSPH malaria expert Dyann Wirth, commenting on NPR’s health blog, “Shots,” noted that malaria “immunity” cannot prevent reinfection from the disease, only reduce its severity.“We don’t really know what we mean when we talk about immunity to malaria, the way you can with measles,” said Wirth, chair of HSPH’s Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases and Richard Pearson Strong Professor of Infectious Diseases. “So it’s hard to measure.”She added that it’s also possible that when malaria rates dropped several years ago, people stopped seeking care as frequently, thus creating “a reservoir of infected people” on whom mosquitoes can feed, thus starting another cycle of transmission. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Harvard community can help

first_imgDear Members of the Harvard Community:We are still stunned by Monday’s tragedy, mourning for and with those who have lost loved ones and suffered grave injuries. In times like these, we turn to one another for comfort and strength.The president’s office has received numerous inquiries from members of this community asking how they can help. Your heartfelt generosity in the face of such pain is uplifting. As you may know, Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino have set up The One Fund Boston to help families affected by these horrific events. We hope you will consider donating to this cause by visiting http://onefundboston.org, or supporting those affected by this tragedy in other ways you might find meaningful.Sincerely,Office of the PresidentHarvard Universitylast_img read more

Why the next big thing in Mobile Device Management is Office 365

first_imgFor years we have been hearing about the promise of Mobile Device Management as a way for credit unions to give employees the ability to use their mobile phones efficiently for work while still remaining IT compliant.  Many credit union execs want to check email from cell phones, or keep some member information in their mobile contacts, but the fear of being out of IT Compliance and the high cost and complexity of a true MDM solution has prohibited them. IT departments rejoice: MDM now has a simple deployment and is a reasonable option thanks to Office 365.As a refresher, Mobile Device Management, commonly shortened to MDM, is a software platform for managing mobile devices (mobile phones and tablet computers) that provides features such as remote mobile wipe, password policy enforcement, and encryption. And Office 365 is a subscription plans that include access to Office applications, including outlook email, Skype for Business, plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet, or cloud services. (See AltiGen’s Intro to Office 365 Blog Series).MDM and O365: Bigger than Sliced Bread?The platform that isn’t slowing down – there are an estimated 80 million Office 365 subscribers to date and growing at exponential rates – is also proving to be advantageous in efficiently rolling out IT security technologies within regulated industries. Mobile Device Management for Office 365 can help you secure and manage mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows Phones used by licensed Office 365 users in your credit union in a compliant manner. You can create policies with settings that can help control access to your CU’s Office 365 email and documents for supported mobile devices and apps. If a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the device to remove sensitive organizational information.This is yet another huge benefit for credit unions we are seeing by switching legacy email servers to email in the Microsoft cloud with Office 365. This simple MDM solution does a complete compliance check on every phone. It ensures the phone being used is compliant with the policies you setup and customize for your CU.Dictate and Enforce your Credit Union’s Mobile PoliciesWith O365’s MDM, you can dictate any number of policies on the back end, whether phones are supplied to employees by the credit union, or personal phones by employees who want to use their mobile phone to check company email, calendars and contacts (BYOD). MDM allows you to set policies from passwords, encryption requirements, backup requirements, phone capabilities (such as blocking the ability to take screen shots), even app requirements: You can block supplied phones from downloading any additional apps to the phones.Compliance Checks? Check!A compliance check happens when you enroll the device, then is continually monitored. If at anytime the phone doesn’t meet the compliance checks it can then take an action you require. For example, if a password is entered incorrect more than 8 times, you can go so far as to completely wipe the phone. Or perhaps you just block access to the phones Office 365 services, such as email and contacts. On the softer side, you can set MDM to take no action if a phone is out of compliance, and just alert the administrator to the issue to determine the appropriate action.Considering Office 365 for your credit union? Want to learn more about Mobile Device Management and the other benefits of 365? Contact the IT compliance experts at enCompass for more information.View our article: 8 Reasons Your Credit Union Should Consider Office 365 43SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mary K Donnelly With a background in IT Product Marketing & Enterprise Sales, MK brings both experience and expertise to enCompass’s business development strategy. Her knowledge of regulatory requirements within Credit Union … Web: www.encompassgroupllc.com Detailslast_img read more

NAFCU calls on CUs to share stories, urge end of shutdown

first_imgAs the partial government shutdown enters its second month, NAFCU has launched a new grassroots campaign that allows credit unions to directly contact their representatives and senators. NAFCU is encouraging credit unions to share how their institution is supporting members affected by the shutdown, and to also urge an end to it.“NAFCU realizes that the impact of this shutdown is being felt by many credit unions and their members in a number of ways,” wrote Brad Thaler, NAFCU’s vice president of legislative affairs, in a message to member credit unions Tuesday. “We share the sentiment with many of you that it is time to end the shutdown. I write today to ask you to share that message with your elected officials.”Thaler also highlighted credit unions’ efforts to help members since the shutdown began.“The Administration and Members of Congress have been taking notice of the good work credit unions are doing too, with many officials citing credit unions as an important option for assistance to those impacted by the shutdown,” Thaler said. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more